Cosmetic Surgery Abroad – Buttocks Augmentation from 2000€ in Serbia

Cosmetic Surgery Abroad – Buttocks Augmentation from 2000€ in Serbia

Cosmetic surgery abroad – yeas and nays

The only for & against list you’ll ever need

So, you have decided to treat yourself to a cosmetic treatment. You have been waging it for a long time, thinking about while working, during lunchtime, before sleep. You made a firm decision and you will stick with it, no matter what. Next step – you check available options in your country. Your national health system laughs at you for having the audacity to propose that they should pay for your confidence booster. Irritated, you turn to private clinics. A quick glance at a clinic’s website and you suddenly realize how can doctors afford those SUV’s and exotic Italian cars. And, now you’re stuck. But are you really? There is a third option – get a cosmetic surgery abroad. This, itself, will bring you the completely different set of problems – fear, doubt, ignorance, unpaid leave, expenses…

You ask yourself – is it worth it? As every reasonable person, you make a short list:

  • Safety: all of the cheapest clinics are located in countries and continents not exactly renowned for stability and prosperity – nay
  • Time: you suffer from a chronic lack of time and now you need to change 3 airplanes to get to your destination – nay
  • Fear: even if you ignore everything else, how can guarantee you that doctors at your destination are qualified for their job – nay and nay!

You stop here. It’s enough. Your idea about cosmetic surgery abroad now seems lunatic and delusional and you’re ready to quit.

What if you don’t have to? Why would you abandon your dream? What if there is a place with 1000 years and no nays?! And, let be assured, such place does exist!  In the heart of Europe, country of Serbia stands at your service, ready to cater and to take care of all your needs. All of your nays are magically turned into one giant, screaming YEA!

Serbian people are famous for their friendly and welcoming attitude, especially towards foreigners, so safety is good as it gets anywhere in the Europe or USA.

You say you have no time?! Well, do not waste it then! You are only one direct flight away from Serbia pretty much anywhere in the world.

Not sure about the doctors? Serbian doctors are world famous and respected for their knowledge and reliability.  As a matter of fact, so renowned that country is experiencing a boom in medical tourism in recent years. Prices are still considerably lower than rest of the world and there are plenty of reputable clinics to choose from.

Breast Augmentation

Average Prices in EU

Country Prices
cosmetic surgery abroad Germany 6000€
cosmetic surgery abroad Turkey 4000€
cosmetic surgery abroad Hungary 3000€
cosmetic surgery abroad Serbia 2500€


Average Prices in EU

Country Prices
cosmetic surgery abroad Germany 9000€
cosmetic surgery abroad France 7000€
cosmetic surgery abroad Turkey 5500€
cosmetic surgery abroad Serbia 3000€

Buttocks Augmentation

Average Prices in EU

Country Prices
cosmetic surgery abroad France 6500€
cosmetic surgery abroad Poland 6000€
cosmetic surgery abroad Turkey 5000€
cosmetic surgery abroad Serbia 3000€

One of the best starting points is definitely WhatClinicSerbia.com, the specialized website operated by a group of local experts with years of experience in connecting foreign patients with Serbian clinics.

With plenty of years and no nays, it is crystal clear – Serbia should be your next destination for cosmetic surgery abroad!

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