Dental Implants Abroad – Dental Implants from 300€ in Serbia

Dental Implants Abroad – Why choose Serbia as a dental tourism destination?

Travelling for dental implants abroad or any type of medical or dental procedure comes with one big question for all who are planning any procedure “Which country to choose?” .

Dental tourism in Serbia is expanding at an amazing rate with Serbia and its capital city Belgrade at the top list when it comes to prices and the quality of service patients receive.

Why is this? Serbia is an unexplored and an “unknown” country for most making the choice harder for some, but with more and more patients going back home happy and satisfiend,has new patients coming.

Prices in Serbia when it comes to dental care are lower then in Croatia or Hungary which are one of the top choices for dental procedures, making Serbia an even more attractive destination.

On this link you can find the best dental clinics in Serbia: https://whatclinicserbia.com/dental-clinics-serbia/

Dental Implants

Average Prices in EU

Country Prices
 Turkey 860€
 Croatia 850€
 Hungary 782€
 Serbia 400€

All on Four

Average Prices in EU

Country Prices
 Italy 11000€
 Great Britain 10000€
 Germany 7000€
 Serbia 3500€

All on Six

Average Prices in EU

Country Prices
 Italy 15000€
 Great Britain 13000€
 Germany 10000€
 Serbia 4000€

Quality of dental care?

Dental offices in Serbia work with EU certified materials and standards when it comes to patient care. Dentists and dental specialists in Serbia come highly qualified, and are experts in their field.

Why the low prices?

Dental Implants Abroad

Quality of dental work

Lower prices does not mean a lower quality of dental work. Dentistry or other fields of medical care  do not allow for any corners to be cut, meaning no savings can be made on any patient procedure or else the . Believe it or not, dental fillings which cost around 200 Swiss Francs in a dental office in Switzerland cost about 35€ in Serbia with the exact same method of work and material used.

Too cheap to be true?

Well “YES” this is true, dental expenses and costs are set at a point that provide quality of care, quality of material, safe working conditions and a sterile and clean environment for all. Since all materials, equipment are purchase from the European market this means there is no cost cutting or room for bartering, which most patients opt for when looking at prices and choose the cheapest. Usually when any medical or dental service seems CHEAP it probably has its reasons, so tread carefully when looking for cheap dental care.

Need a quote on dental work?

dental implants abroad

Panoramic x – ray

Quotes for dental work can be given if a patient provides a panoramic xray no older then 6 months, pictures or a specific doctors report indicating the specific dental work needed. Quotes made via email, phone of skype are not 100%, unless stated otherwise, once a patients is seated in the dentist office and introduced to the dentist all aspects and costs of the procedure can be discussed and a precise quote can be given to the patient. Make sure there are no hidden costs or surprise costs. On this link you can Get Quote, Get discount on treatment and make free consultation for free with one of the best dental offices in Serbia: https://whatclinicserbia.com/dental-clinics-serbia/

Dental implants abroad – Serbia?

Dental implants seem and look as a simple procedure with a “screw” and a tooth. The preparations that lead up to this point when they are placed in bone and bone formation around the implant takes preparing. Sometimes even when patients are looking for a quick fix with dental implants its not possible since certain parameters must be met in order to provide for the best and safest results. Bone density, bone resorption ,bone loss, anatomical details and other factors come into play that a doctor has to take into consideration. So have realistic expectations and listen to the options given by your dentist, and don’t rush. The final results are worth waiting for and follow everything step by step. If you are lucky you have be a perfect candidate for implants and take a short cut without the need for any additional procedures . Feel free to ask your doctor any questions you may have , even writing them down will help when visiting the office in order not to forget anything. All this makes Serbia the ideal destination for the installation of dental implants abroad.

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