Dental Tourism Belgrade – Dental Implants from 295€ in Belgrade

Dental Tourism Belgrade – Dental Implants from 295€ in Belgrade

Dental tourism Belgrade – a booming industry

Dental tourism Belgrade is a branch of tourism where people choose a country primarily based on available options for medical treatment and then try to couple it with vacation. It has only recently arisen as a somewhat important part of the tourism industry, but, boy oh boy, have numbers of medical tourists increased recently.

Ever increasing figures of travelers flying out to a foreign country to have a medical procedure may seem odd at first, but once we scratch the surface of this phenomenon, hidden secrets unravel before our eyes.

Once you sit down, crunch all the numbers,  you will be astonished by how much money you can save with only a little bit of research. Prices of medical and (especially) dental treatments in the West have skyrocketed in the recent years, so you are either lucky of having a high paying job (and even then, expenses are astonishing) or you face a huge bank debt and years of paying installments for a procedure lasting only 45 minutes. Hardly seems fair, right?

Patients from the western countries (UK, USA, Canada, Germany, France) have found a way to go around high costs. The solution is simple, yet, quite elegant. Go and find a doctor or dentist in Eastern Europe.

Serbia is an ever-rising star among popular tourism destinations and for a good reason! It offers unique advantages such as location, price, quality and time, with none of the disadvantages & risks associated with some other countries like Turkey, Croatia, Poland or Hungary.

Conveniently located on pretty much every important crossroad in Europe, Serbia is easily reachable from all major European destinations as well as most important hubs in North America and Asia – New York and Beijing. Belgrade offers probably the best connections and shortest flying times when compared to its competitors, meaning that patients do not have to waste a single moment. Destinations are almost always served by multiple carriers so it is fairly easy to find the best deal and the most suitable time, saving both time and money.

Speaking of money, Serbia is the ruling champion of low dental care prices, being 30-50% percent cheaper than competing countries (Turkey, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland) and a whopping 70-90% cheaper than countries in the West. One example, a complete mouth reconstruction would set a patient from US or UK anywhere in the range $30,000-$50,000, while in Serbia you can do this for around $7,000-$9,000. You do the math.

Just look at the table above and everything will be crystal clear. You can save up to 80% of all costs. A lot, isn’t it?

There are quite a few destinations popular for dental tourism – Budapest, Warsaw, Istanbul, Prague, just to name a few.

Surprisingly, our top pick is not one of the aforementioned. Although you can surely find fairly cheap and reputable dentist in any of these cities, we’d like to recommend Belgrade, capital of Serbia.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Belgrade!  It is CHEAPER, it offers MORE, you will PAY LESS and find BETTER dentists than anywhere in Europe, we guarantee that!!! Dental tourism Belgrade is quickly becoming #1 revenue booster in the already booming tourist sector! An estimated 30-50% percent of all tourists in Belgrade use dental services in one of the numerous clinics. Why? Because dentists and clinics have an impeccable reputation, proven expertise, and excellent track record. 80% of those medical tourists come back again, which speaks for itself.

If you feel that it might be complicated to find a trusted dentist in Belgrade, need no worry, whatclinicserbia.com is there for you. This website is run by a small group of local experts and know-hows on all things related to medical tourism in Serbia (with an emphasis on dental services). Visit their website, read the testimonials and it will be easy to understand why is whatclinicserbia.com perfect place to start your search or find out more about dental tourism Belgrade.

Last, but not least, dental tourism is not the only reason you should pick Serbian capital as your destination. In recent years, it has become a hotspot for travelers wanting to enjoy authentic food, unspoiled culture, and low prices.  We will finish this article with the best recommendation – praise from the legendary British newspapers, The Telegraph:

“Yet, look beyond its Soviet-era commercial quarter and you will find a fascinating, vibrant city, with some surprisingly attractive pedestrianized streets in the center, and a certain charm along the riverbanks of the Danube and Sava.

Its youthful population makes the nightlife legendary and the great value coffee shops, bars, and restaurants are so thriving you may wonder when any work gets done. Go now, before everyone else finds out.”



E-mail communication via button CONTACT CLINIC is the easiest way of contacting our dental clinics. In the e-mail you are supposed to describe your problem, your wishes, plans and ask any questions there might be. Within the e-mail there has to be a digital dental x-ray (ortopan) of both jaws so we can have a better insight of your bone structure and teeth. After a detailed analysis our team will determine the process of treatment and present you with all options (if there are more than one). You will be acquainted with the whole procedure, such as what interventions are going to be needed, the duration, how many times you will have to come and of course the precise price of your treatment. In the case that two visits are required, you will pay only the price of the first visit interventions, while the rest is paid after the work is finished.

When you come to an agreement with dental clinic that most suits to you, the date of your arrival is completely up to you. We will try to make your stay enjoyable and dental interventions completely painless! For foreign citizens that have health insurance which covers dental procedures we give receipts of our services that allow our patients to get a refund. Also, we issue medical reports that justify your absence from work.


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