Dental Tourism Serbia – Dental Implants from 295€ in Serbia

Dental Tourism Serbia – Dental Implants from 295€ in Serbia

Why is dental tourism Serbia hottest trend in medical tourism right now?

First of all, what exactly is dental tourism Serbia?! Also known as dental vacation or dental holidays this is a special branch of medical tourism and also the biggest and (probably) the most important one. Patients get health or (in this case) dental care outside their national health systems and often couple treatment with a vacation in their chosen destination.

Dental tourists are mostly patients from Western countries – US, Australia and Western Europe (UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy etc.) due to the high cost of reconstructive and cosmetic dental procedures in their countries, which, as a rule of thumb, are almost never covered by their insurance.

Several regions have distinguished themselves as prime destinations for dental tourists – Latin and Central America (mostly for US patients), Southeast Asia (primarily for Australian patients) and East Europe (catering to needs of dominantly Western European patients, but also to needs of patients from Americas and Oceania).

East Europe is definitely the most popular choice. Dental clinics and dentists in Latin America and Southeast Asia do offer cheapest prices of treatments, but this is overshadowed with plenty of disadvantages. Cultural and language barriers, time to reach the destination and last but by far most important, dubious reputation and qualifications of dentists in countries like Mexico, Costa Rica, Thailand and Vietnam. On the other hand, doctors and surgeons in East Europe are world renowned for their knowledge and skills, can communicate in perfect English making misunderstandings almost impossible and last, but not least, excellent connectivity of East Europe makes it easy to reach in almost no time!

In this “mini dental market” country of Serbia has singled out itself as a destination offering the best deals & packages. All destinations in East Europe are 30-50% cheaper than clinics in the West, and (somehow) Serbia is 30-50% cheaper than all those destinations, enabling patients to save up to 70-90% in costs compared to their home country!

Low price does not mean low quality in the case of Serbia. On the opposite, Serbian dentists and doctors are known for their expertise and Serbian dental colleges for their grueling and selective 5-year long training, so it’s no wonder that dental tourism in Serbia is one of the fastest growing niches.

Coupled with a boom in “regular” tourism, the country is welcoming masses of dental tourists who also use this opportunity to enjoy in a unique blend of history, culture and temper of Serbia.

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We hope that this article was helpful and gave you insight on why dental tourism Serbia is undergoing a boom now and that it encouraged you to find your dentist abroad.



1) Low price – low quality

Low price does not mean low quality in the case of Serbia. On the opposite, Serbian dentists use the same materials from the same European dental manufacturers as dental clinics in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, United Kingdom, SAD etc.) They use the most modern high-quality technology and equipment, work 100% according to all the European standards. Every dentist who is member of our company is a highly renowned and reputable expert in their field in Europe and World. WhatClinicSerbia has the best dental clinics in Belgrade, Serbia – certified by the highest European standards of quality with dentists who have more than 20 years of experience – specialized for the patients from abroad.

Can you explain why is the cost of dental implants Serbia so low?!

Serbia is still a developing country, which means that costs of pretty much everything is considerably lower than other countries in Europe, and that goes from food, drinks, and clothes all the way to medical and dental treatments

2) Language barriers.

– Argh, but I do not speak Serbian and English, it would be very grueling and tedious to find a trusted and reputable dentist!

Not at all. You can check out dental clinics Serbia, platform specialized in connecting patients from abroad with Serbian dentists. When we choosing our dental clinics, one of the must-have’s was multilingual dentists.

Every dentists who is part of WhatClinicSerbia.com speak English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Serbian and some of them Portuguese, Norwegian, Arabian.

So you can make your dental consultation using your own language. Of course, treatment plans and precise offer you will also get in your own language. You can excluding any possibilities for a misunderstanding.

3) Dubious safety standards

By far the biggest misconception! The war is over, and has been for a long time.

It is difficult to criticize people for not having intimate knowledge of every country on the planet, but believing that there is still an ongoing war in Serbia is incorrect. NATO’s bombing campaign ended in 1999, as the Yugoslav Wars came to an end a few years earlier.

Even through darkest times in its history, Serbian education system remained among the best in the world (if not the very best). Serbian dentists and doctors are arguably best in the world, with a plethora of experience and excellent results. Today, as the country is undergoing economic and social boom, they have not only the knowledge but also the funds to stay up the date with the latest equipment and technology. Therefore, Serbian dental clinics are state of the art facilities run by genuine experts but yet, cost of dental implants Serbia remains low.

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