Dental Travel Serbia – Dental Implants from 295€ in Serbia

Dental Travel Serbia – Dental Implants from 295€ in Serbia

Dental travel Serbia

British Mirror, one of the most famous magazines in the world recently published an intriguing article titled “Serbia: One of Europe’s best kept tourism secrets?” It is just one of the articles recently written about (it seems) hidden and forgotten travel destinations – Dental Travel Serbia.

The article sparked a great deal of attention among all sorts of travelers since it praised a destination not so well known among your average “go-somewhere-once-a-year” tourists. While the article itself is written in neutral, journalist tone it is difficult not to notice overall satisfaction, surprise and praise the author has for Serbia:

“There are many signs of a gentle awakening in tourism as Serbia embraces its natural treasures and the durable friendliness of its people.”

The author is especially impressed by Belgrade, capital of Serbia:

“As a city, it is a fully formed destination, brimming with great things to see and do, as well as places to eat and to party in.”

“Belgrade’s buildings, many of them decaying through years of neglect, have a rustic charm, but in among them reside some of the more chic and modern bars, restaurants, nightclubs and clothing stores in Europe.”

Other influential media seem to agree with the article in Mirror, with nothing but only compliments for Serbia.

“Warm, welcoming and a hell of a lot of fun – everything you never heard about Serbia is true. Exuding a feisty mix of elan and inat (national trait of rebellious defiance), this country doesn’t do ‘mild’: Belgrade rivals Berlin as a party destination, the northern town of Novi Sad hosts the epic EXIT festival, and even its hospitality is emphatic – expect to be greeted with rakija (fruit brandy) and a hearty three-kiss hello.”


One thing easy to notice is that all articles agree on one thing – Serbia is still a hidden destination, slowly getting rediscovered. But a fact that even world’s most famous magazines and blogs failed to mention is that, alongside “regular” travel, dental travel Serbia is blossoming.

In fact, it is said that almost 50% of all tourists visiting Serbia are medical tourists. Serbia’s natural and historical beauties are maybe still laying forgotten, but western patients have long known about amazing dental clinics in Serbia, that’s for sure. Relative “cheapness” of pretty much everything in Serbia also applies to costs of dental care, something that has not gone unnoticed by patients from all around the world. Dental clinics are reputable, dentists are proven experts and the best of all – everyone speaks English so there are no misunderstandings.

Still having doubts? This table will show you why is dental travel in Serbia so popular for people from around the world.

There you have it, Serbia really is a hidden gem for all sorts of tourists. Connections are available from London, Paris, Berlin, New York, Moscow, Beijing and Abu Dhabi so it is quite convenient to visit it, there’s really no excuse not to do it! It is quickly becoming a top destination for business, leisure and dental travel – amazing Serbia!!!!


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