Dentist abroad – Dental Implants from 295€ in Serbia

Dentist abroad – Dental Implants from 295€ in Serbia

Dentist abroad – how to do it?

Complete guide with tips & tricks to visiting a dentist abroad

Costs of dental care have been constantly on the rise in the past decades and this has given a rise to an increased number of people who avoid visiting their dentist due to prices often being in 5 digit numbers. Many people have thus started looking for alternative options and choices, often turning their heads to foreign countries in a search for affordable prices and high-quality dental care. Dental tourism was once a bit of an obscure branch in medical tourism it has now become one of the most profitable ones, with many dental clinics specifically designed to cater to needs of patients coming from the West. Let us quickly go through the pros and cons of visiting a dentist abroad.

Price-sensitive dental tourists usually try to do the math themselves, and things often look like from a fairytale! For example, in the UK will cost you anywhere from £20,000 up to £50,000 while in countries of Eastern Europe bills rarely exceed £8,000. Tooth crown in the UK will cost anywhere from £500-1100 while in countries like Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia you will pay an average of £300. Great looking prospects, aren’t they?

There are some things patients should be aware of though. Let us look at the potential risks. Being treated by an unqualified practitioner, dubious safety standards, language barriers that often result in misinterpretation, procedures being rushed because there is no enough time (remember it’s a vacation). Not so delighted anymore with the idea of going to a dentist abroad, aren’t we?!

What if we tell you there is a solution for all your worries? That there is a destination where you could get all of the aforementioned pros and NONE of the cons? Sounds too good to be true? Welcome to Serbia!

Next big thing in dental tourism, Serbia has been rapidly gaining popularity in the recent years.

And if just look at the table below, you will easily understand why is that the case:

Dental Implants

Average Prices in EU

Country Prices
Dentist abroad  Turkey 860€
Dentist abroad  Croatia 850€
Dentist abroad  Hungary 782€
Dentist abroad  Serbia 400€

Dental Veneers

Average Prices in EU

Country Prices
Dentist abroad  Germany 750€
Dentist abroad  Hungary 350€
Dentist abroad  Poland 300€
Dentist abroad  Serbia 180€

Dental Crowns

Average Prices in EU

Country Prices
 Hungary 240€
 Croatia 235€
 Poland 230€
 Serbia 140€

A country with absolutely the lowest prices, but, at the same time, most reputable dentists! So risks like qualification and safety issues are non-existent! Serbia’s dental clinics have long been taking care of demanding Western patients, so in a typical clinic, everyone speaks perfect English, excluding any possibilities for a misunderstanding. Best thing of all – no need to rush your procedure! One to two hours away from most major European destinations and with excellent connections, you can always come back for a checkup!

How to find that perfect clinic?

WhatClinicSerbia.com offers all the answers. Specialized in helping patients from all over the world find their perfect dental match, the website has garnered over 2,000 positive reviews and is quickly becoming #1 tool for Western patients in their search.

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