WhatClinicSerbia have selected the best dental and plastic surgery clinics in Serbia in order to provide you the excellent medical treatment at the lowest price in Europe. All clinics are certified by the highest European standards of quality using the best and the latest medical equipment. Serbian dentists and plastic surgeons educated at the best European and local universities, enjoy very high international reputation. Every dentist and plastic surgeon on WhatClinicSerbia.com have more than 20 years of experience – specialized for the patients from abroad. These are eminent doctors with the best knowledge, professionalism and they will provide you the most quality treatments. They are members of the most famous world and European organizations and associations in their field. All doctors speak English, German, Italian, French and Serbian. WhatClinicSerbia.com connects you with the best dentists and plastic surgeons in Serbia.

Since medicine tourism in Serbia is expanding at an amazing rate with Serbia and its capital city Belgrade at the top of the list when it comes to prices and the quality of services patients receive, WhatClinicSerbia has decided to make it simple for all those who would like the best quality medical service at low price. You may say to yourselves ”Too good to be true”, but Serbia is an unexplored and an ”unknow” country for most people worldwide, making the choice harder for some, but thanks to WhatClinicSerbia.com, more and more patients from abroad, are going back their homes happy and satisfied, and Serbia has got an increased number of foreign patients coming. WhatClinicSerbia.com provide you the possibility to find in one place all necessary information about a best dental and plastic surgery clinics in Belgrade. Patients from all over the world can in one place inform themselves, compare free quotes and choose the clinic that most suits to them.

WhatClinicSerbia.com have 10 major terms for selecting and rating clinics:

1. High Quality

2. Adequate Prices

3. Quick Response

4. Precise Quote and Treatment plan

5. Every clinic must provide free quotation and consultation

6. Dentists must have over 20 years of expiriance

7. Dentists must have +10.000 surgical cases

8. Every clinic must provide lux accommodation during a treatment

9. Profesional driver from the airport to the clinic and accommodation

10. The first negative review of the patient means that we are terminating our cooperation with that clinic

Free Quotation

Within 24 hours upon receiving your enquiry for dental or plastic surgery treatment our clinics will provide you with the free personalized quotation and precise treatment plan.

Free Accommodation and Transfer from the Airport

All clinics provide free accommodation during a procedure and free transfer from the airport to accommodation/clinic and back. Thus, you could count on that in your calculations.

Service and Support – Free of charge

Using the site WhatClinicSerbia.com is completely free as well as providing services and support to users of the site.