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Impianti Dentali

Prezzi medi nel Mondo

Nazione Prezzo
 Italia 2500€
 Croazia 1000€
 Ceska 800€
 Serbia 400€

Aumento del seno

Prezzi medi nel Mondo

Nazione Prezzo
Germania 6000€
Turchia 4000€
Ungheria 3000€
 Serbia 2500€

Non Prep Impiallacciature

Prezzi medi nel Mondo

Nazione Prezzo
 Italia 1200€
 Croazia 700€
 Ceska 500€
 Serbia 200€



WhatClinicSerbia ha selezionato le migliori cliniche di chirurgia dentale e plastica in Serbia per offrirti l'eccellente trattamento medico al prezzo più basso in Europa.





Migliori Cliniche

WhatClinicSerbia.com presenta con orgoglio le migliori cliniche di chirurgia dentale e plastica di Belgrado, in Serbia - certificate dai più alti standard di qualità europei utilizzando le migliori e le più moderne attrezzature mediche.



Migliori Dottori

Ogni dentista e chirurgo plastico su WhatClinicSerbia.com ha più di 20 anni di esperienza, specializzato per i pazienti dall'estero. La maggior parte dei medici sono membri delle più prestigiose organizzazioni e associazioni europee e mondiali nel loro settore.

















Confronta le Offerte

Ricevi preventivi gratuiti dalle migliori cliniche di chirurgia dentale e plastica di Belgrado, Serbia per confrontarli e scegliere quello che è meglio per te. Tutte le cliniche forniscono alloggio gratuito durante una procedura e il trasferimento gratuito dall'aeroporto all'alloggio / clinica.



Perché Cliniche Dentistiche a Belgrado, Serbia??

Alloggio Gratuito

Tutte le nostre cliniche dentali offrono alloggio gratuito durante una procedura dentale

Trasferimento Gratuito dall'Aeroporto

Tutte le nostre cliniche dentali ti offrono il trasferimento gratuito dall'aeroporto all'alloggio / alla clinica

Biglietti Aerei Gratuiti

Le nostre cliniche dentali offrono biglietti aerei gratuiti per alcune importanti procedure dentali

Consultazioni, Offerte e piani di Trattamento gratuiti

Riceverai consulenza gratuita, offerta precisa e piano di trattamento

Confronta Più Offerte - Gratuito

Puoi confrontare più offerte e piani di trattamento dalle nostre cliniche dentali e quindi scegliere l'opzione migliore per te

Migliori Cliniche Dentali a Belgrado

Tutte le nostre cliniche dentali sono certificate dai più alti standard di qualità europei con dentisti che hanno almeno 20 anni di esperienza

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Risparmia fino al 70% sui servizi dentali visitando la Serbia


Leggi e confronta le recensioni di persone reali

Servizio e Supporto - Gratuito

Gratuito 24/7 servizio clienti e supporto


WhatClinicSerbia.com - 15683 recensioni

Sophie De Noel France, Toulouse
(1/15683) All on 6 implants - Both Jaws  

I done 12 implants, amazing work. Thank you again dental cross team!

Nicole Morel France, Nice
(2/15683) Ceramic Veneers  

I am Nicole who living abroad in France and seeking for help with my teeth situation online. I got responses right after sending out the message. It is very convenient and I will definitely recommend to others in the future! All praise for Dental Clinic SMILE ESTHETICS

Jacob Goldberg Norway, Kristiansand
(3/15683) 24 Zirconium Crowns  

So easy, no hundreds of calls to make or emails to send, one email with with my xrays and the whole thing was booked and arranged. Great Work. Thank you Dental Clinic LAVIN

Phill Chapman Republic of Ireland, Limerick
(4/15683) Happy with my new teeth - Hollywood Smile with Veneers  

I had a very successful trip to Belgrade, Serbia and am extremely hapy with my new theeth. I am very grateful to Dr Popovic who walked me through the process and gave me the confidence to take this trip. It was really wonderful experience!

Harry Badger United States, Orlando
(5/15683) High Recommend for Dental Clinic CORNER ESTHETICS  

Dr Nikola and his teem are amazing. They make it easy to set up appointments. I have free accommodation and transfer from the airport. This is an amazing quality of service and the professionalism is excellent from start to finish. I have dental procedure all on 4 for upper jaw.

Alexandra Müller Austria, Vienne
(6/15683) Total Reconstruction of mouth  

I have extractions, 12 implants, 24 full ceramic crowns and new amazing smile. Thank you Dr Ristic and CDEI team. Low price - Top Quality. Thanks again.

Amélie Fournier France, Rouen

I'm very pleased with the dental clinic APOSTOLOSKI, Dr Aleksandar is very professional and gently.

Great job and thank you again for your friendly and professional service and procedure.

Victor Koval Ukraine, Kiev
(8/15683) All on 4 both jaws - Dental Implant Clinic  

I must say that I was very pleased with the dental procedure that I got. Very reasonable prices and high quality.

Cristina Russo Italy, Trieste
(9/15683) Great Experience in Dental Clinic LAZIC  

I have had 20 metal ceramic crowns for days. Great work i am very happy with my new teeth. Best Regards

Dylan Walsh Australia, Brisbane
(10/15683) Excellent Service and Dental Procedure in Denta Clinic VUNJAK  

I make 10 implants, extractions, sinus lift etc...very good price! thanks again

Gonçalo Da Silva Portugal, Amadora
(11/15683) Nice job! High Recommend for C DENTA CENTER  

Very professional. I have free accommodation and transfer from the airport. Amazing work and smile with 24 veneers. Regards

Dusan Tokic Serbia, Belgrade
(12/15683) Great service - Crown Dental Clinic  

20 zirconium crowns, very professional, free accommodation near the clinic, great prices!

Simon Wouters Belgium, Sint-Truiden
(13/15683) Hollywood Smile - 20 non prep veneers  

Dental Cross Clinic make my new smile. Amazing work, nice free accommodation. King Regards for Dental Cross Team.

Dime Babic Croatia, Zagreb
(14/15683) Highly recommended - 10 implants  

Thank you Dr Vladimir and all team Smile Esthetics. Finally i have smile that i dream for a years.

Petar Kovacevic Zurich, Switzerland
(15/15683) Veoma profesionalni, ljubazni i strucni  

Veoma profesionalni, ljubazni i strucni. Zahvaljujem Dental Clinic LAVIN timu na mom novom osmehu. Veliki pozdrav

Fabian Schmidt Germany, Ludwigsburg
(16/15683) Excellent Dentists - Dental Clinic POPOVIC  

Dental Clinic POPOVIC have dentists who do excellent work. They do not do unnecessary procedures and are competent, caring dentists. I have recommended them to several friends. I have procedure all on 4 for lower jaw.

Helen Giannakis Greek, Athens
(17/15683) All on 4 implants - Dental Corner Esthetics  

I am not changing dentists again! Dr Nikola Bakis made sure I didn't feel any pain during my dental treatment. I have recommended this clinic to my friends and family!

Li Liáng China, Tianjin
(18/15683) All on 6 implants  

Amazing work by Dr Ristic. Thanks to all CDEI team. Very recommended

Emily Kage UK, Manchester
(19/15683) Zirconia Crowns - Dental Center APOSTOLSKI  

I am extremely satisfied with the service I received from Dental Center APOSTOOSKI. Staff was professional and courteous. They offered all my options during the consultation and we decided the best one. All my appointments were met on time. The dental office was spotless and everyone working their had information on what was happening throughout the my stay. My dental work is beautiful and perfect...no complaints!!!!

Bharath Mohammad Qatar, Doha
(20/15683) 20 Full Ceramic Crowns  

Professional and friendly staff. Fantastic Dentists. Highly recommend for Dental Implant Clinic!

Oliver Andreasen Faroe Islands, Torshavn

Thank you Dr Vesna for my new smile. I am very happy that i can smile again. High RECOMMEND

Manar Saliba Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
(22/15683) Excellent work - C Dental Center  

Dr Vladimir Cakan is great, i have had 12 implants and 24 full ceramic crowns. Total mouth reconstruction. Very reasonable prices and free accommodation.

Carmen Blanco Spain, Madrid
(23/15683) 10 crowns - 3 root canals and no pain  

High Recommend for Dental Vunjak Team!

Lena Hoffmann Germany, Magdeburg
(24/15683) First class professionals - Dental Crown Clinic  

I am so happy with the Dental Work I Had from Dental Crown Clinic. Very clean and equipped dental clinic.

Jessica Walker Australia, Sidney
(25/15683) Very professional - Dental Clinic CROSS  

Thank you Dr Bojan, i had done 12 implants. My new teeth and smile are great. Prices are very good. Thanks again!

Alina Morozov Russia, Saint Petersburg
(26/15683) Fantastic work - 16 ceramic veneers  

Fabulous dr Ruzica make my smile amazing. REGARDS FOR ALL SMILE ESTHETICS TEAM!

Artem Popov Russia, Moscow
(27/15683) Excellent - 10 implants  

Excellent, they stayed open late for me and explained exactly the procedure. Procedure with 10 dental implants was fast i get new smile for 3 days. All recommends for Dental Clinic LAVIN

Francesca Gallo Italy, Turin
(28/15683) Exceptional! 8 implants and 20 crowns  

From my first appointment on dental clinic Popovic I have received exceptional care. Just outstanding. My treatment was painless, thorough. Professional and caring. I am very excited and happy with my 'new look teeth' and more cheaper than in Italy. Highly recommend!

Martina Vitale Italy, Arezzo
(29/15683) High Recommend - Dental Corner Esthetics  

Dr Nikolav Bakis is a very professional dentist at Dental Corner Esthetics. I had few surgeries done by him and also three implants placed, with minimum brusing and swelling and no infection post surgery. Now I am waiting for the last step of my treatment for placement of actually crowns. Overall my experience was great. For sure I will recommend this clinic and dentist to my friends.

Tim Meyer Germany, Stuttgart
(30/15683) Great Prices - Dental Center CDEI  

I am very satisfied with dental procedure that i have in Dental Center CDEI. 4 Implants and 20 zirconium crowns. Best Regards

Sarah Tremblay Canada, Vancouver
(31/15683) Great service - Dental CENTER APOSTOLOSKI  

I had a lot of dental work done at Dental Center APOSTOLOSKI. I am very happy with the results,the dentist was friendly, professional and the price was far better than it would have been here at home in Vancouver, Canada. I would recommend dental office Dr Apostoloski to anyone, you will get excellent personal service.

Sam Reid Scotland, Kilmarnock
(32/15683) 5 implants and 16 metal ceramic crowns  

Thank you so much for this dental service. I can smile again - high recommend for Dental Implant Clinic

Audrey Bianchi Switzerland, Bern

Very gently and caring. Staffing is great too. Thanks Dr LAZIC.

Subha Khan Qatar, Doha
(34/15683) My Dental Experience was great with Dental Clinic Vunjak  

To my surprise it was a very pleasant experience with great price. All on 4 upper jaw - amazing work!

Chris O'Nill United States, Chicago
(35/15683) The best dental experience ever - 20 porcelain veneers  

I am very pleased with the doctors and staff. Everyone is very courteous and considerate. Please keep up the good work! High Recommend for C DENTAL CENTER AND DR CAKAN!

Matthew Roberts Wales, Newport
(36/15683) Recommend - Crown Dental Clinic 24 zirconium crowns  

Very happy with work done. Thank you Dr NEMANJA!

M.J. Germany, Berlin
(37/15683) All on 6 both jaws - Dental Clinic CROSS  

Amazing work, thank you Dr Renea, Dr Bojan and Dr Roberto. Great team, great work, great prices!

Michael Huber Austria, Graz
(38/15683) Thank you Dr Vladimir - High RECOMMEND FOR CLINIC SMILE ESTHETICS  

10 IMPLANTS, 20 FULL CERAMIC CROWNS. I smile again, thanks all smile esthetics team!

Amy Bordelon Canada, Montreal
(39/15683) Totally recommended Dental Clinic LAVIN  

Dr Lazar is amazing leaving me extremely satisfied. I have had 10 implants! great prices!

Ben David Mizrahi Israel, Ashkelon
(40/15683) Great Dental Popovic Clinic - total mouth restoration  

The staff were exceptionally friendly and helpful... especially with people who were worried about their teeth. Very kind and compassionate. The doctor answered all of my questions and made me feel rest assured.

Jan Dekker Netherlands, Zwolle
(41/15683) Complete Mouth Reconstruction - Dental Corner Esthetics  

Many extractions, 8 implants, 20 zirconium crowns! Thanks corner esthetics team!

Lærke Madsen Denemark, Copenhagen
(42/15683) All on 6 implants - Dentel Center CDEI  

Nice work, love my new teeth. Thanks Dr Ristic!

Christopher Vella Malta, Qormi
(43/15683) Amazing work by Dr APOSTOLOSKI  

Thank you Dr Aleksandar! 24 ceramic veneers! My smile look amazing!

Hanoah Nguyen Australia, Melbourne
(44/15683) Good Work - Nice prices! Recommend Dental Implant Clinic  

Dental Clinic Glusica was the best place to have our teeth fixed! My partner and I both had lots of work done and we couldn't be happier. Thanks

Alessandro Piras Italy, Rome
(45/15683) Very very prompt and friendly doctors and staff - Dental Clinic LAZIC  

Dr Zoran LAZIC made me 8 implants 16 full ceramic crowns and 8 metal ceramic crowns. Great Job, thank you all staff!

Anna Ebner Austria, Vienne
(46/15683) Fantastic Job by Dr Vunjak - all on 4 upper jaw  

Great work, i am very satisfied with my new teeth. Coming soon for lower jaw. Regards

Marko Ilic Serbia, Belgrade
(47/15683) Hollywood Smile by Dr Vladimi Cakan C DENTAL CENTER  

Very good costumer service as the staff member that looks after us is very friendly, helpful and competent. Dr Cakan is amazing i have 24 non prep veneers. My new smile is great!

Andrea Romano Italy, Rome
(48/15683) Total Mouth Reconstruction - Dental Crown Clinic  

I would highly recommend Dental Crown Clinic to anyone who is considering researching cost effective dental services outside of the Italy.

Tom Davies UK, London
(49/15683) Very professional dental care by Dental Cross Team  

I have extractions, bone augmentation, 3 implants, root canals, 6 metal ceramic crowns! Very happy with all treatments.

Balazs Toth Hungary, Budapest
(50/15683) Very happy with dental service of Smile Esthetics - 12 IMPLANTS  

Very caring, punctual and reliable. Have recommended to all my friends.

Christine Weber Germany, Berlin
(51/15683) Very pleased with Dental Clinic LAVIN  

Great service, efficient and friendly. 6 IMPLANTS AND 10 VENEERS!

Laura Fuchs Austria, Vienne
(52/15683) Great Dental work done by Dr Popovic  

12 implants
20 metal ceramic crowns
Good dentists
Good accommodation
Great prices

Andrej Skopje, Macedonia
(53/15683) Best service in Dental Corner Esthetics  

I had flawless accommodation and transportation. Dr Nikola is super nice, professional. I am very happy with my new teeth done. Major dental work was 20 zirconium crowns.

Veronika Urlich Berlin, Germany
56/15683 Good work! - Dental Cross Clinic  

The attention is very good, they are very attentive during and after treatment, I see a good team in the clinic and makes you feel comfortable when you arrive, recommended”

Vanessa Galiardi Rome, Italy
57/15683 HIGHLY RECOMMEND - Dental Clinic Smile Esthetics!  

Amazing and nice dental team! Well done, great experience in Belgrade in Dental Clinic Smile Esthetics!”

Hana Heling Zurich, Switzerland
(58/15683) Very professional - Dental Clinic LAVIN  

Professional and close attention. Highly recommended. Keep up the good work!”

Larisa Bulk London, UK
(59/15683) Highly recommended - Dental Clinic POPOVIC  

Very good service! Happy with the result ! Will definitely recommend to my friends and family

Rebecca Galuci Milan, Italy
(60/15683) Excellent price quality VENEERS - DENTAL CENTER CDEI  

Very good attention, null waiting time, excellent price quality. Thank you.

Helena Pavlov Moscow, Russia
(61/15683) All on 6 Implants - Recommend Dental Clinic CROWN  

Changed my life forever. I finally can smile again. Best love for all the staff.

Dragana Jakovjevic Basel, Switzerland
(62/15683) 12 implants - Dental Cross Clinic  

I done 12 implants, amazing work. Thank you again dental cross team!”

Antoaneta Ghezal Paris, France
(63/15683) Good Work - Implants - Dental Clinic VUNJAK  

Amazing job. Love the experience in Belgrade. Thank you all

Ricardo Sousa Lisabon, Portugal
(64/15683) Facetas - Dental Clinic CROSS  

Nunca imaginei em Belgrado fazer um tratamento com médicos que falam português. Muito obrigado por tudo. Foram impecáveis. Os dentes são espetaculares. Fiz o tratamento Hollywood Smile, facetas. Não consigo para de sorrir.

Patrizia Conte Rome, Italy
(65/15683) Lavoro fisso - Clinica Dentale CROSS  

Denti fissi in ceramica. Mi ano risolto tutto. Grazie saluti

Meral Gasque Brussels, Belgium
(66/15683) All on 4 implants - Dental Clinic C DENTAL  

The doctor speaks English very well, explained every step and seems very professional!

John Rodman New York, SAD
(67/15683) Ceramic Veneers - Dental Clinic LAZIC  

The clinic is clean, very modern filled with polite, helpful staff. I can recommend that place to anyone who wants a nice smile.

DanIela Burk Copenhagen, Denmark
(68/15683) Holiwood smile with veneers - Dental IMPLANT Clinic  

I am very happy with everything from start to finish. They have a very friendly staff. The clinic is very modern and clean. If I need any dental work in the future I would come back. Thank you all!

Paul Conti Lugano, Italy
(69/15683) Metal-ceramic crowns - Dental Clinic APOSTOLOSKI  

I liked the location of the clinic. I like honesty and the way the doctors listen my concern. Thanks

Stefanie Ilok Prague, Czech
(70/15683) Highly recommended - Dental Clinic LAVIN  

I searched for many dental hospitals but I didn’t see better than this hospital so I made my teeth here. I'm very happy now thank you so much for everything.

Henry Larson Malme, Sweden
(71/15683) Dental implants - Dr Popovic  

Dr Popovic Dental Clinic was my best option! I have so many wonderful things to say, anyonein need of major work should get an opinion by Dr Popovic Dental Clinic. You won't regret it.

Natalija Ivkovic Wienna, Austria
(72/15683) All on 6 implants - Dental Clinic POPOVIC  

Went in with a lot of work to be done, root canals, extractions, crowns on all teeth. It was amazing how well the work was done in just 3 days. Dr Dragoslav Popovic and all staff were fantastic. Thank you!

Donna Gassi Turin, Italy
(73/15683) Ceramic Veneers - Dental Popovic  

We have been coming to Dr Popovic Dental Clinic for years and no matter how good my last appointment was they always seem to better themselves by the next time I come in. Great work.

Kenneth Jordan Los Angeles, SAD
(74/15683) Good Work - Recommend Dr Nemanja Popovic  

Love my brothers at Dr Popovic Dental Clinic, keep on spreading that beautiful magic and keep on making people Smile again.

Song Lee Peking, China
(76/15683) Zirconia Crowns - Dental Center CDEI  

Amazing work, thank you Dr Ristic

Nur Illas Krakow, Poland
(76/15683) Dental implants - Dental Corner Esthetics  

I had an amazing experience in Dental Corner Esthetics being a first-timer. Thank you for making me feel welcomed. Exceptional service by Dr Nikolav Bakis

Eleonora Murch Glasgow, Scotland
(77/15683) All on 4 implants - Dental Clinic LAVIN  

I am not changing dentists again! Dr Lazar made sure I didn't feel any pain during my teeth cleaning and examination and he was very careful throughout my treatment. I have recommended this clinic to my friends and family!

Francisko Neres Amsterdam, Netherlands
(78/15683) All on 6 implants - Dental Clinic SMILE ESTHETICS  

Dr Vladimir Malusev explained my plan of care and easily answered my concerns. Great Dental Work. Thanks

Linda Berg Berlin, Germany
(79/15683) Ceramic Veneers - Dr Nikola Bakis - Dental Clinic Corner Esthetics  

I Am So Happy with the Dental Work I Had from Dental Corner Esthetics. Very Clean And Helpfull.

Gloria Piters Malme, Sweden
(80/15683) Good Work - Zirconia Crowns - Corner ESTHETICS  

I am extremely satisfied with the service I received from Dental Corner Esthetics. Staff was professional and courteous. They offered all my options during the consultation and we decided the best one. All my appointments were met on time. The dental office was spotless and everyone working their had information on what was happening throughout the my stay. My dental work is beautiful and perfect...no complaints!!!!

Dea Richmond Sidney, Australia
(81/15683) Good patient care - Crown Dental Clinic  

Great care and friendly caring help. ALL ON 6 DENTAL IMPLANTS!

Irina Selesh Manchester, UK
(82/15683) First class professionals - Dr Ristic  

Excellent service, very good service, thank you Dr. Dr Igor Ristic:)

Lee Son Tokyo, Japan
(83/15683) Highly recommend - C Dental Center  

Highly recommend! the services provide is a collaborative effort of all doctors. Invested working together for the best interactions with the patient.

Patrizia Salivani Verona, Italy
(84/15683) Professional and friendly - Dental Center VUNJAK  

Great to be able to chew again comfortably.Dentists and assistants were very professional.

Robert Hifli Zurich, Switzerland
(85/15683) Highly recommended - Dental Center CDEI  

Could have not picked a better clinic very happy! Ceramic Veneers - Hollywood Smile, thank you very much!

Sam Sidni Helsinki, Finland
(86/15683) Good Work, Very professional - Dr APOSTOLOSKI  

People will not believe the kind of treatment and care that is provided by Dental Center APOSTOLOSKI. It is absolutely unbelievable the quality of service this dentist provides. Dr Apostoloski Aleksandar and staff were very knowlegable and caring.

Maria Redmond Madrid, Spain
(87/15683) Well Done Dr LAZIC!  

I had to go back for some adjustments, and was very well taken care of by all the stuff from Dental Clinic LAZIC. Thank you all!

Ted Hamman Frankfurt, Germany
(88/15683) First class professionals - Dental Center APOSTOLOSKI  

Great service, very friendly, and so happy with my new smile. I love Dental Center APOSTOLOSKI

Andrea Lister Bordeaux, France
(89/15683) Very good attention - Recommend Dental Clinic IMPLANT  


Barbara Sprech Reykjavik, Island
(90/15683) Excellent clinic! Thank you Dr Apostoloski!  

Everybody there is very friendly. And everyone that performed a procedure on me was very gentle, kind and understanding

Eugene Linfild London, UK
(41/15683) Reccomend - Dental Corner Esthetics  

Ceramic Veneers - Hollywood Smile. Thank you very much

Michael Gunn Oslo, Norway
(92/15683) 6 implants - Dental Clinic IMPLANT  

Dr. Ivan Stojanovic is the best. Very gentle and caring. 6 implants - 10 crowns - 3 root canals and no pain.

Shilla Young Malme, Sweden
(93/15683) Ceramic Veneers - Dental Center APOSTOLOSKI  

I had a wonderful experience. So happy that I found Dr Aleksandar and other staff at Dental Clinic APOSTOLOSKI.”

Henrick Scott Glasgow, Scotland
(94/15683) Zirconia Crowns - Dental Clinic IMPLANT  

Very professional, well organized and highly trained staff. Dental Implant Clinic provides world-class dentistry at an affordable price. Dr. Ivan Stojanovic and his team were wonderful.

Randle Hughes Manchester, UK
(95/15683) Metal-ceramic crowns - Recommend!  

Very happy with my experience at Dental Implant Clinic and Dr. Ivan Stojanovic. I will surely be back and recommend Dental Implant Clinic to others.

Lynn Gareth Dortmund, Germany
(96/15683) Good Work - Dental Clinic Lavin  

If you are looking for a top quality dental experience then check out Dental Clinic Lavin!

Isabela Lincoln Amsterdam, Netherlands
(97/15683) Very good service from dental clinic LAZIC  

I'm not easily impressed and I have to say Dr. Zoran Lazic impressed me. I hadn't been to the dentist in way too long and was extremely nervous.

Brian Hesley Washington, SAD
(98/15683) Very professional - Dental Clinic LAZIC  

I had a wonderful experience. So happy that I found Dr. Zoran Lazic and other staff at Dental Clinic LAZIC.

Karen Douglas Sidney, Australia
(99/15683) Good Work - Great Dental Clinic CROSS  

Very happy with my dental services - 28 FULL CERAMIC CROWNS.

Cristina Bulock Montreal, Canada
(100/15683) First class professionals - 24 ceramic veneers  

I was extremely pleased with everything - my new smile is amazing! Thank you SMILE ESTHETICS!

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