Low cost Plastic Surgery – Abdominoplasty from 2300€ in Serbia

Low cost Plastic Surgery – Abdominoplasty from 2300€ in Serbia

Super reliable, super low cost plastic surgery?! Welcome to Serbia!

The Hidden Gem of southeastern Europe and next top destination for low-cost plastic surgery!

Low cost plastic surgery has long been thought of as a kind of a unicorn in the medical world: a thing of fantasy, fairytale for the durable, a wild fantasy. Plastic surgery is a medical procedure undertaken in order to enhance or beautify physical attributes, as a corrective measure due to unfortunate circumstances (illnesses, accidents) or simply as a much-needed confidence booster. Its popularity has been on the rise for a while now, giving birth to a completely new generation of travelers – medical tourists.

In the West, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery has almost become a fashion trend, a must do for trendy, fashionable and successful individuals.  But, one issue remains – PRICE. Most national health systems in European countries and USA, will not allow patients to undergo a plastic surgery procedure except in very extreme circumstances. This leaves patients with two options – visit private surgery clinics which will cost them an arm and a leg (not literally) or look for cheap options abroad.

As a consequence of this phenomenon, many countries are trying to position themselves as a Mecca for high standards, reliable but still affordable, low cost plastic surgery.  Spain, Poland, Slovakia and Turkey all claim to be leaders in this field. But, is this true? Recently, rumor has it that there is a new star on the affordable cosmetic surgery horizon – Serbia!

A small country in the southeastern Europe, Serbia has long been overlooked as a bit of a mysterious and exotic destination.  And indeed, all this time, the country has been keeping a huge secret from the world – top notch, world-class doctors, modern, high-end clinics and all that at dirt cheap prices! Word has been spreading for some time so the country has been experiencing an increased influx of medical tourists for quite some time now. Regardless of that fact, prices are still considerably lower than those in “rival” countries as you can see from the table below:

Breast Augmentation

Average Prices in EU

Country Prices
Low cost Plastic Surgery Germany 6000€
Low cost Plastic Surgery Turkey 4000€
Low cost Plastic Surgery Hungary 3000€
Low cost Plastic Surgery Serbia 2500€


Average Prices in EU

Country Prices
Low cost Plastic Surgery Germany 9000€
Low cost Plastic Surgery France 7000€
Low cost Plastic Surgery Turkey 5500€
Low cost Plastic Surgery Serbia 3000€

Buttocks Augmentation

Average Prices in EU

Country Prices
Low cost Plastic Surgery France 6500€
Low cost Plastic Surgery Poland 6000€
Low cost Plastic Surgery Turkey 5000€
Low cost Plastic Surgery Serbia 3000€

Belgrade as the capital of Serbia offers the biggest pool of amazing and renowned clinics to choose from. Plastic surgery in Belgrade is

To top it all, Serbia does not just offer high-class product in medical tourism, but it is also getting rediscovered as a unique traveling destination, so many medical tourists opt to spend a couple of days (before or after their procedure) in this unpolished diamond of Southeast Europe. Bustling nightlife of its capital Belgrade, a history that only country on the crossroads of Europe can have, pristine nature and finger-licking, out of this world food have all been delighting and charming tourists from both West and East for a while now.

So there we go ladies and gentlemen, we have revealed a big secret to you, now it is upon you to explore your options. A good starting point would be WhatClinicSerbia.com website specialized for helping medical tourists and getting them in touch with most reputable clinics and doctors in Serbia.

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