Plastic Surgery Abroad – Breast Augmentation from 2200€ in Serbia

Plastic Surgery Abroad – Breast Augmentation from 2200€ in Serbia

Plastic surgery abroad – Why should you do it?

Advantages and disadvantages of opting for a plastic surgery abroad

Airports across the world are covered in swarms of holidaymakers. One of the best things about the 21st century is that travel, especially air travel, has become widely available, so now everyone with a computer and a credit card can book their dream vacation, for a dream price as well. This traveling revolution has sparked a completely new and rather unusual kind of travelers – medical tourists. So, who are they? Who are the people whose travel essentials include appointment card for a plastic surgeon along other necessities? What do they know that the rest of us don’t (yet)? And most importantly, why are they right to look for plastic surgery abroad?

The number of people undergoing cosmetic procedures abroad is constantly on the rise (some estimates say up to 200% rise in recent years). This especially goes for people from Western countries, which are using cheap flights to fly to exotic destinations where they can get treatment for just a tiny, tiny percentage of the price they would have to pay home.

Naturally, this raises a dilemma. On one side, you have significant savings and on the other, you have risks & concerns of undergoing a procedure in a foreign country. Most people decide that advantages far outweigh the disadvantages and they go for it. Patients with common sense, who are not so adventurous, usually pick European countries mostly for safety and practical reasons.

Countries in Eastern Europe are especially popular among Westerners with the price of treatments being twice or three times lower than in the West. Clinics in the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary are swarmed with rivers of people from Western Europe looking to enhance or improve their looks. But recently there is a rising star in the Eastern Bloc, a country with excellent doctors, state of the art clinics and ultra-low plastic surgery prices – Serbia.

Breast Augmentation

Average Prices in EU

Country Prices
plastic surgery abroad Germany 6000€
plastic surgery abroad Turkey 4000€
plastic surgery abroad Hungary 3000€
plastic surgery abroad Serbia 2500€


Average Prices in EU

Country Prices
plastic surgery abroad Germany 9000€
plastic surgery abroad France 7000€
plastic surgery abroad Turkey 5500€
plastic surgery abroad Serbia 3000€

Buttocks Augmentation

Average Prices in EU

Country Prices
plastic surgery abroad France 6500€
plastic surgery abroad Poland 6000€
plastic surgery abroad Turkey 5000€
plastic surgery abroad Serbia 3000€

Conveniently located an only couple of hours of flying from most European capitals, Serbia and especially Belgrade are becoming new Mecca for cosmetic surgery believers. Hosting a number of high-end plastic surgery clinics, run by world-famous experts in this field, the country has been experiencing a constant flow of foreign patients.

Most of those patients find out about Serbian clinics through word of mouth, although many have used WhatClinicSerbia.com as an intermediary service in their search for a perfect doctor. As of now, about 2,500 reviews and comments have been posted on the website, with almost all reviewers having a positive experience after making Serbia their destination for plastic surgery abroad.

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