Plastic Surgery Hospital DIONA
Plastic Surgery Hospital DIONA Rating: ★★★★★ 5 154 reviews
5 1
Consultation FREE
Face Lifting From 5500€
Breast Implants From 2500€
Abdominoplasty From 2500€
Liposuction From 1000€
Free Accommodation


Plastic Surgery Hospital COLIC
Plastic Surgery Hospital COLIC Rating: ★★★★★ 5 155 reviews
5 1
Consultation FREE
Total Face and Neck lift 3500€
Breast Augmentation 3000€
Abdominoplasty From 3000€
Butt Augmentation From 2000€
Free Accommodation


Plastic Surgery ATLAS Estetic Clinic
Plastic Surgery ATLAS Estetic Clinic Rating: ★★★★★ 5 151 reviews
5 1
Consultation FREE
Full Face lift 6500€
Breast Implants From 2750€
Abdominoplasty From 2500€
Buttocks Implants 3500€
Free Accommodation


Plastic Surgery Hospital OREA
Plastic Surgery Hospital OREA Rating: ★★★★★ 5 153 reviews
5 1
Consultation FREE
Total Face and Neck Lift 3000€
Breast Implants 3000€
Abdominoplasty From 3000€
Buttocks Implants 4000€
Free Accommodation


Plastic Surgery Hospital ADONIS
Plastic Surgery Hospital ADONIS Rating: ★★★★★ 5 150 reviews
5 1
Consultation FREE
Total face lift From 3500€
Breast Augmentation 3000€
Abdominoplasty 3000€
Buttocks Implants 3500€
Free Accommodation


Plastic Surgery DUSANOVIC Clinic
Plastic Surgery DUSANOVIC Clinic Rating: ★★★★★ 5 150 reviews
5 1
Consultation FREE
Face lift (face and neck)
Breast augmentation
Buttocks augmentation
Free Accommodation


Plastic Surgery MEDIC HILL
Plastic Surgery MEDIC HILL Rating: ★★★★★ 5 142 reviews
5 1
Consultation FREE
Face and Neck Lift From 2500€
Breast Augmentation 2700€
Abdominoplasty From 2500€
Butt Augmentation From 2700€
Free Accommodation


Plastic Surgery dr MALJKOVIC
Plastic Surgery dr MALJKOVIC Rating: ★★★★★ 5 152 reviews
5 1
Consultation FREE
Facelift 4200€ – 6000€
Breast augmentation 2850€
Liposuction 2730€
“Brazilian butt lifting” 3000€
Free Accommodation


Plastic Surgery OPAL Clinic
Plastic Surgery OPAL Clinic Rating: ★★★★★ 5 140 reviews
5 1
Consultation FREE
Face lift from 3000€
Breast Implants from 3000€
Abdominoplasty from 3000€
Buttocks Implants 4000€
Free Accommodation


Plastic Surgery Hospital MEDIC ONE
Plastic Surgery Hospital MEDIC ONE Rating: ★★★★★ 5 134 reviews
5 1
Consultation FREE
Face lift From 2500€
Breast Implants From 2900€
Abdominoplasty From 3500€
Gluteal Implants From 2500€
Free Accommodation

***CLICK TO SEE CLINIC*** - 3235 reviews

Author Picture
Sophie De Noel France, Toulouse
(1/3235) These ladies are jewels in customer service  

The person I dealt with made it easy. She sent me the link to decide where I wanted to go and I was so thrilled. She came right on chat when I decided which clinic and had em booked within 5 minutes! These ladies are jewels in customer service.

Author Picture
Nicole Morel France, Nice
(2/3235) Very helpful and promptly!  

My first time using and it is a very impressive experience. I am Nicole who living abroad in France and seeking for help with my teeh situation online. I got responses right after sending out the message. It is very convenient and I will definitely recommend to others in the future! All praise for Dental Oral Centre Milosevic.

Author Picture
Jacob Goldberg Norway, Kristiansand
(3/3235) So easy!  

So easy, no hundreds of calls to make or emails to send, one email with with my xrays and the whole thing was booked and arranged. Thank you.

Author Picture
Phill Chapman Republic of Ireland, Limerick
(4/3235) Hapy with my new theeth  

I had a very successful trip to Belgrade, Serbia and am extremely hapy with my new theeth. I am very grateful to who walked me through the process and gave me the confidence to take this trip. It was really wonderful expiriance!

Author Picture
Harry Badger United States, Orlando
(5/3235) Excellent service has provided excellent service and coordination with their Dental clinics. They make it easy to set up appointments and coordinate with the clinics. This is an amazing quality of service and the professionalism is excellent from start to finish.

Author Picture
Alexandra Müller Austria, Vienne
(6/3235) A prompt response  

I have only made an initial query. Your response was immediate & gave me the info I needed. Now I must plan for taking time off work before I can proceed.

Author Picture
Amélie Fournier France, Rouen
(7/3235) WhatClinicSerbia and Dental Implant Clinic excellent customer...  

I'm very pleased with the excellent customer service from the person I dealt with at and Dental Implant Clinic.

Great job and thank you again for your friendly and professional demeanor.

Thanks to them, I feel completely assured with my decision to get my dental treatment done with WhatClinicSerbia and Dental Implant Clinic.

Author Picture
Victor Koval Ukraine, Kiev

I must say that I was very pleased with the two crowns I got on February, and that is why I am making an appointment with this same clinic once again. (NOVADENT)

I most certainly did appreciate the quick response from

Author Picture
Cristina Russo Italy, Trieste
(9/3235) Very easy to use website.  

I set up my appointment on line and the appointment time was confirmed within minutes. Very easy.

Author Picture
Dylan Walsh Australia, Brisbane
(10/3235) Excellent Customer Service  

The representative was easy to work with and understood exactly what I needed. Looking forward to my appointment!

Author Picture
Gonçalo Da Silva Portugal, Amadora
(11/3235) Nice job!  

Very professional yet personable. They quickly got me an appointment in my time frame. Thank You

Author Picture
Dusan Tokic Serbia, Belgrade
(12/3235) Great service  

Great service . I will be there again.

Author Picture
Simon Wouters Belgium, Sint-Truiden
(13/3235) Great Service & Scheduling  

Very cost effective. Clean environment. Highly skilled Serbia dentist.

Author Picture
Dime Babic Croatia, Zagreb
(14/3235) So helpful, thank you so much  

So helpful to me, and they help me to find the best clinic in Serbia and the price as well.

Author Picture
Petar Kovacevic Serbia, Belgrade
(15/3235) Booking went very smoothly. Excellent dentists...  

Booking went very smoothly. Excellent dentists in Crown Dental Clinic and i am satisfied with timeliness and quality of the dental work.

Author Picture
Fabian Schmidt Germany, Ludwigsburg
(16/3235) Excellent Dentists and Clinic on  

Dental Studio DRO have dentists who do excellent work. They do not do unnecessary procedures and are competent, caring dentists. I have recommended them to several friends.

Author Picture
Helen Giannakis Greek, Athens
(17/3235) Booking an appointment  

Made the process of booking an appointment very easy.

Author Picture
Li Liáng China, Tianjin
(18/3235) Great service  

Great service booking our appointment - fast and efficient- hope the actual dental is as good!

I will add more once we have had the treatment done.

Author Picture
Emily Kage UK, Manchester
(19/3235) A prompt response from  

I have only made an initial query. Your response was immediate & gave me the info I needed. Now I must plan for taking time off work before I can proceed

Author Picture
Bharath Mohammad Qatar, Doha
(20/3235) Fast friendly response  

An absolute pleasure to converse with,very accommodating and helpful.

Author Picture
Oliver Andreasen Faroe Islands, Torshavn
(21/3235) Very helpful and great attention  

I used to book an initial consultation with a clinic in Belgrade, Serbia. I was greatful for the attention and assistance shown by support agent Marina on Then she went above and beyond 3 weeks later, when I attempted to schedule a follow up appointment with the same clinic and could not reach anyone. Marina all ayed my concerns and had the information as to why I could not reach anyone at the clinic, which greatly relieved my stress. Further Mrs. Marina set my follow up appointment.... Thank you so much.

Manar Saliba Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
(22/3235) Excelent  

Very easy to use website have already recommended to friends and family.

Carmen Blanco Spain, Madrid
(23/3235) Muy buen servicio  

Proporcionan un buen servicio son amables, rápidos, confiables, responden todas tus dudas. Y el trabajo que me realizaron es de lo mejor que me han hecho.

Lena Hoffmann Germany, Magdeburg
(24/3235) Very helpful. Would use again  

Very helpful. Would use again to find and book aesthetic clinics in Serbia.

Jessica Walker Australia, Sidney
(25/3235) Finding and booking a plastic surgery in Serbia  

I am pleased with the results of my quest thus far, I hope the results with the plastic surgery are as good! Looking forward to our trip in Belgrade, and to finally getting my treatment done in afforadible prices in Serbia.

Alina Morozov Russia, Saint Petersburg
(26/3235) Fantastic plastic surgery on WhatClinicSerbia  

Fabulous dr Violeta on hospital DIONA with great staff I thought they were very professional everything they did.

Author Picture
Artem Popov Russia, Moscow
(27/3235) Excellent, they stayed open late for me and explained...  

Excellent, they stayed open late for me and explained exactly the procedure + gave me a prescription that evening for x rays. All prices for Dental Corner Esthetics on

Francesca Gallo Italy, Turin
(28/3235) Exceptional!  

From my first appointment on dental clinic Smile Esthetics on I have received exceptional care. Just outstanding. My treatment was painless, thorough. Professional and caring. I am very excited and happy with my 'new look teeth' and more cheaper than in Italy. Highly recommend!

Martina Vitale Italy, Arezzo
(29/3235) Very easy to deal with and fantastic response time!  

So far our experience with has been great.
Quick responses and answered all my questions prior to booking.

Author Picture
Tim Meyer Germany, Stuttgart
(30/3235) Great service and an invaluable resource  

I was in search of a dentist in Serbia that could handle the work I needed and would cost me less than a car. offered an easy to search database of qualified dentists including reviews and detailed descriptions. Finding a dentist is hard enough without the added difficulty of finding one outside of the Germany.

Thanks for making the search, the appointment, and the follow up convenient and professional.

Sarah Tremblay Canada, Vancouver
(31/3235) Great service  

I had a lot of dental work done at dental office Dental Focus in June 2017. I was very happy with the results,the dentist was friendly ,professional,and the price was far better than it would have been here at home in Vancouver, Canada. I would recommend dental office Dental Focus to anyone, you will get excellent personal service.

Author Picture
Sam Reid Scotland, Kilmarnock
(32/3235) Booking made easy  

Thankyou so much for this servuce went on the live chat feature and wuthin minutes had been directed to dentists close to our hotel.
Booking made very satisfied

Audrey Bianchi Switzerland, Bern
(33/3235) Great  

Fast response Medic Hill plastic surgery is great. Very gental and caring. Staffing is great too.

Subha Khan Qatar, Doha
(34/3235) My Dental Experience online on  

To my surprise it was a very pleasant experience. The receptionist was so helpful and quickly responded to all my question...when made my decision and called and they knew who remembered immediately and got my appointment set up and on my way down soon ... cant think of anything to say negative this was such a pleasant and easy way to make arrangements for my dental needs.

Author Picture
Chris O'Nill United States, Chicago
(35/3235) The best (and I mean it) online service I have ever...  

- always follow up (first time customer) - very very helpful in giving me the information that I want (where can you find that?). - very quick in responding my email (I ask them about tooth extraction in my own words and they immediately know what I'm talking about). - before I select a dental care, price is always my first priority second comes the quality of their service (the reviews on the internet is exceptional). Thanks

Matthew Roberts Wales, Newport
(36/3235) Fast Courteous service  

It was necessary to change my appointment and you were very understanding and filled my request immediately. I will know more after I experience my appointment.

M.J. Germany, Berlin
(37/3235) Best dental service ever  

Dear Sir/ Madam,
I had for the last 58 years many visits at dentists in Germany and in Australia. The visit at Dental Office MODENT in Belgrade, Serbia two months ago was absolute different to what I experienced since 58 years. Your staff, the equipment, the rooms was impressive, welcoming and so professional and painfree. The whole procedure was silky smooth and almost pleasant and a joy to watch how your team got to work. I have to say "Thank You" for the experience I had at dental office MODENT which I booked through
Yours faithfully ! M.J.

Michael Huber Austria, Graz
(38/3235) Service with a Smile 🙂  

Excellent Prompt Responses & Service!! Allof my Questions & Queries answered in simple easy to understand language. Extremely Efficient & Friendly Service, Can't fault! I would have no Hesitation reccomending to Family & or Friends!

Amy Bordelon Canada, Montreal
(39/3235) You have always done very well, leaving me extremely...  

You have always done very well, leaving me extremely satisfied.

Ben David Mizrahi Israel, Ashkelon
(40/3235) Great Dental Clinics in Serbia on site  

The staff were exceptionally friendly and helpful... especially with people who were worried about their teeth. Very kind and compassionate. The doctor answered all of my questions and made me feel rest assured.

Jan Dekker Netherlands, Zwolle
(41/3235) Very easy to organise, contacted and scheduled...  

Very easy to organise, contacted and scheduled promptly and pleasantly.

Lærke Madsen Denemark, Copenhagen
(42/3235) The process for making my appointment was super easy...  

The process for making my appointment was super easy and I was comfortable through out the process.

Christopher Vella Malta, Qormi
(43/3235) Best by far  

Made setting up my appointment easy and fastest response ever. They can help you choose the doctor for your specific need.
Let schedule your next visit.

Hannah Nguyen Australia, Melbourne
(44/3235) Good Work  

Dental Studio Glusica was the best place to have our teeth fixed! My husband and I both had lots of work done and we couldn't be happier. Thanks

Alessandro Piras Italy, Rome
(45/3235) Very very prompt and friendly  

Very prompt and friendly responses. Thank you for the quick turnaround.

Anna Ebner Austria, Vienne
(46/3235) Aesthetic surgery booking  

Great customer service. Very friendly employees, and fast replies to any questions.

Marko Ilic Serbia, Belgrade
(47/3235) Very good costumer service  

Very good costumer service as the staff member that looks after us is very friendly, helpful and competent.

Andrea Romano Italy, Rome
(48/3235) Great Resource & Research Tool  

I found very helpful in assisting me in locating a dentist in Belgrade, Serbia. I would highly recommend to anyone who is considering researching cost effective dental services outside of the Italy.

Tom Davies UK, London
(49/3235) Very quick, to the point and professional response  

Very quick, to the point and professional response.

Balazs Toth Hungary, Budapest
(50/3235) Very happy with service  

Very caring, punctual and reliable. Have recommended to friends.

Lukas Weber Germany, Berlin
(51/3235) Very pleased  

Great service, efficient and friendly, we will be back to make appointment again through

Laura Fuchs Austria, Vienne
(52/3235) Dental work  

Very good system for appointment and consultation. Great work
Good dentists
Good accomodstions
Great prices

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For greater aesthetic procedures, accommodation is free. Free transfer from airport to clinic/accommodation for all our patients.

Lazar Lux Apartments

Lazar Lux newly built luxury apartments are situated in the city center at Stjepana Ljubise Street 31 in one of the most exclusive buildings of this type and purpose. Only 1 km from our apartments, you can find Knez Mihailova Street - a pedestrian zone with exclusive shops, the old Kalemegdan Fortress and the famous bohemian quarter of Belgrade – Skadarlija. We provide free parking and transfer from the airport for all our guests.

Hotel Vozarev

Garni hotel Vozarev *** is located in a quiet and beautiful area near the city center. Located on the edge of the municipality of Zvezdara and Vracar, in the center of many events, it is an ideal choice for business people, patients from abroad, athletes and all tourists visiting Belgrade. Garni hotel Vozarev is only 20 minutes drive away from the international airport Nikola Tesla and 10 minutes from the main bus station and Belgrade Fair. During their stay guests have at their disposal free hotel parking. Hotel is pets friendly.

WhatClinicSerbia Apartment

WhatClinicSerbia Apartment is a brand new modern and tastefully decorated accommodation in the Generala Horvatovica Str, No. 15, next to the well known Gospodara Vucica Str. This apartment provide our company free of charge for our patients who are performing greater procedures, also we provide free parking and transfer from the airport for all our guests. Many clinics that are part of our company are located near this apartment.

Marijana Petkovic - Customer Representative

+381(0)62 / 10 64 273

Plastic surgery Serbia

Discover why Serbia is one of the most popular destinations in Europe for plastic surgery!

“And the smattering of monasteries across the landscape make for a pretty impressive backdrop”


“Welcome to Serbia! Warm, welcoming and a hell of a lot of fun – everything you never heard about Serbia is true.”

Lonely Planet

“While breast implants in the UK cost between €4,000 and €6,000 on average, in Serbia the price is about €2,500. And while the price in the UK can go up to €30,000, the highest price in Serbia is about €4,000.”

Electronic and written media are overrun with articles praising Serbia as one of the top global destinations for cosmetic surgery! Plastic surgery industry in Serbia has exploded in the last couple of years and it shows no sign of stopping anytime soon! What has led to this seemingly surprising turn of events? How come that a country with a reputation in some other areas (sports, sciences, industry) is turning into a major player on the ever demanding medical tourism market?

Firstly, this can be seen as a shock only to those who are not familiar with the situation in the world of medicine. Serbian doctors have long been respected as one of the best in the world. It is estimated that a number of Serbian doctors working outside of the country far exceed a total number of doctors working in Serbia!

Secondly, Belgrade, capital of Serbia, has gained a steady reputation as one of the prime cities of those looking for cheap, but reliable cosmetic surgery. Hosting dozens of clinics specializing in plastic surgery, Belgrade is threatening to overtake Prague and become a leader in medical tourism.

Thirdly, price-wise plastic surgery in Serbia costs significantly less than in rival countries – Hungary, Turkey, Poland – which are already significantly cheaper than clinics in the West. Doing the very simple math, if a patient can save up to 40% in price when they go to Budapest, Istanbul, and Warsaw, their total savings come up to an astonishing 60% or 70% if they pick Belgrade! Amazing, isn’t it?!

Last, but not least, an entire country of Serbia is at the moment surrounded by clouds of positive energy, coming from young people. One such group of people founded, a startup specializing in consulting and intermediary services between patients and plastic surgery clinics in Serbia. Almost 2,500 reviews on their website just show that the idea is working and that western patients are more than satisfied!

Belgrade, Serbia in the World – BBC:

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