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Dental Cross Clinic




Why us?



In Dental Cross the quality is guaranteed! We create your new desired smile in a short term.

We are a team made by International professionals working in the heart of Belgrade.

We speak English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Norwegian, French and German.

Since we are continuously investing in innovations, we are able to apply sophisticated technologies of last generation in dentistry. To all our patients we offer services according to
international standards.

Patients from all around the world seek our expertise to resolve dental cases such as dental implants, cosmetic dentistry and other difficult dental problems.

* From the smallest of fillings to the most demanding cosmetic and aesthetic dental restorations.

* From a single dental implant to a full mouth reconstruction.

* From periodontal surgery to routine maintenance

* From simple tooth whitening to porcelain veneers and all-ceramic crowns.

The extraordinary combined expertise and decades of advanced training of our specialists who work closely together as a team, with continual interaction and consultation enables us to provide a high level of patient care and treatment. Those are only few of many assets and strengths setting us apart from conventional dental practices.

Our dental specialists are also committed dental educators, teaching other dentists at universities and hospitals, conducting research studies and writing articles and books that significantly advance the science and art of dentistry.

For us, there are no unsolvable cases, partial solutions and compromises. Our patients are always the top priority.

When we offer you treatment, we consider your wishes.

We are here for you, to explain all the options available and their prices, so you can make the best choice.

You will always know what we are doing.

During the whole treatment, if you have any questions, members of our team will be happy to explain everything to you so you can feel completely comfortable.


E-mail communication via button CONTACT CLINIC is the easiest way of contacting our team. In the e-mail you are supposed to describe your problem, your wishes, plans and ask any questions there might be. Within the e-mail there has to be a digital dental x-ray (ortopan) of both jaws so we can have a better insight of your bone structure and teeth. After a detailed analysis our team will determine the process of treatment and present you with all options (if there are more than one). You will be acquainted with the whole procedure, such as what interventions are going to be needed, the duration, how many times you will have to come and of course the approximate price of your treatment. In the case that two visits are required, you will pay only the price of the first visit interventions, while the rest is paid after the work is finished.

When we come to an agreement, the date of your arrival is completely up to you. We will try to make your stay enjoyable and dental interventions completely painless!

For foreign citizens that have health insurance which covers dental procedures we give receipts of our services that allow our patients to get a refund. Also, we issue medical reports that justify your absence from work.


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Treatments and Prices

View the medical prices of Dental Cross, in Belgrade, Serbia.

Contact us free of charge for other treatments prices or if you have any other question.

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Dental ImplantsPricesDays for Procedure
Consultation & Check UpFREE/
Dental Implants (Isomed, Italy)390€2 - 3
All on 4 Dental Implants1800€2 - 3
All on 6 Dental Implants2700€2 - 3
Bone Augmentation200€1
Small Sinus Lift250€1
Big Sinus Lift800€1
Crowns/VeneersPricesDays for Procedure
Ceramic Crowns140€5 - 7
Zirconia Crowns210€5 - 7
Cad-Cam Temporary Crowns25€1 - 2
Metal - Ceramic Crowns on ImplantsContact Clinic5 - 7
Non - Metal Crowns on ImplantsContact Clinic5 - 7
Inlay120€4 - 7
Onlay140€4 - 7
Ceramic Veneers220€4 - 7
Composite Veneers50€1 - 2
Fiberglass Post35€1
Dentures/BracesPricesDays for Procedure
Partial Dentures200€4 - 5
Total Dentures220€4 - 5
Immediate Dentures200€4 - 5
Denture on Locators950€4 - 5
Foil Teeth Straightening2000€4 - 5
Cleaning, Whitening, Extractions & FillingsPricesDays for Procedure
Home Whitening80€1
Laser Whitening120€1
Composite Fillings20 -35€1
Endodontic Tooth Treatment30 - 40€1
Night Guard30€1
Gangrene Therapy50€1
Tooth Extraction30€1
Wisdom Tooth Extraction140€1
Professional Teeth Cleaning 30€1

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Dental Implants

5 5 1
Friendly service and great care love everything!

Ceramic Veneers

5 5 1
My overall experience was good.

Zirconia Crowns

5 5 1
My dentist was great and best regards to Dr Perduv!

Very pleased

5 5 1
I was very pleased with the professionalism of the dentist and the gums specialist that met with. Everything was timely, service was friendly and polite. Everything was extremely well organized. In the case of the Dentist, she translated the diagnosis of the gums specialist which was good enough.

Very satisfied

5 5 1
Very satisfied with the diagnosis and the treatment. I will be back again
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Our Staff

Dr Roberto Conte

Dr Conte R.

The doctor who deals with the operation is:

From 1977 in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Padua.

Lecturer for the special implant anatomy course at the Claude Bernard University in Lyone, France, and the Jean Monnet University in Saint-Étienne, France.

Clinical Coordinator of the "NYU Tutor Project in Italy" at the University of New York at the NYU College of Dentistry.

Vice President and President of G.I.S.I.

35 years of medical-dental experience with over 10,000 surgical cases.



Dr Perduv B.

Dr Renea G.

Dr Renea G.


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For greater reconstructive works, accommodation is free.

WhatClinicSerbia Apartment

WhatClinicSerbia Apartment is a brand new modern and tastefully decorated accommodation in the Generala Horvatovica Str, No. 15, next to the well known Gospodara Vucica Str. This apartment provide our company free of charge for our patients who are performing greater procedures, also we provide free parking and transfer from the airport for all our guests. Many clinics that are part of our company are located near this apartment.


Free transfer from airport to clinic/accommodation for all our patients.



Top Treatments

Dental Implants (Isomed)390€
All on 4 Dental Implants1800€
All on 6 Dental Implants2700€
Non - Metal Ceramic Crowns on ImplantsContact Clinic
Metal - Ceramic Crowns on ImplantsContact Clinic
Metal - Ceramic Crowns140€
Zirconia Crowns210€
Ceramic Veneers220€
Teeth Whitening120€


Address:Celopecka 10, Belgrade, Serbia
Monday - Friday10:00 - 18:00h
For emergency00:00 - 24:00h


Fillings1 year
Dentures5 years
Crowns10 years

Other Information

Free Accommodation in our apartmentsYes
Free Transport from and to the AirportYes
Years of Experience35
Surgical Cases+10.000
Our staff is at your disposal 24/7Yes
Available 24h for emergencyYes
LanguageEnglish, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Serbian
Sightseeing of the cityYes
Local number, so we can always be in touchYes
Wi - FiYes
Distance from Airport18.8 km

Payment Options

Wire TransferYes