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Treatments and Prices

View the medical prices of clinic "Dental Focus", in Belgrade, Serbia.

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Dental ImplantsPricesDays for Procedure
Consultation & Check UpFREE/
Dental Implants (C -Tech)400€2 - 3
Dental Implants (Bredent)550€2 - 3
Dental Implants (Straumann)600€2 - 3
All on 4 ImplantsContact Clinic2 - 3
All on 6 ImplantsContact Clinic2 - 3
Crowns/VeneersPricesDays for Procedure
Metal - Ceramic Crowns105€5 - 7
Zirconium Crowns Non - Metal Crowns220€5 - 7
Metal - Ceramic Crowns on Implants (C-Tech, MISS)200€5 - 7
Metal - Ceramic Crowns on Implants (Bredent, Straumann)180€5 - 7
Non - Metal Crowns on Implants220€5 - 7
Ceramic Veneers220€4 - 7
Composite Veneers33€1 - 2
Dentures/BracesPricesDays for Procedure
Partial Acrylic Denture200€4 - 5
Total Acrylic Denture265€4 - 5
Strengthened Acrylic Denture265€4 - 5
Skeletal Denture400€4 - 5
Partial Skeletal Denture with Attachments (fasteners)600€4 - 5
Immediate Denture - per jaw200€4 - 5
Denture with Mini Implants785 - 985€4 - 5
Acrylic Denture on mini Implants300€4 - 5
Foil Teeth StraighteningContact Clinic1
Cleaning, Whitening, Extractions & FillingsPricesDays for Procedure
Home BleachingContact Clinic1
Teeth Whitening - per jaw140€1
Cosmetic Fillings30€1
Porcelain FillingsContact Clinic5 - 7
Ceramic Fillings - InlayContact Clinic4 - 7
Surgical Tooth Extraction100€1
Wisdom Tooth Extraction100€1
Endodontic Tooth TreatmentContact Clinic1
GingivectomyContact Clinic1
Hyaluronic Fillers - First cubic200€1

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Implants and crowns

5 5 1
Hello dr Jankov, Hope all is well with you. I am pleased with my implants and crowns. I like my smile, I like that they all look matching. I did refer my cousin to your group. I think his appt is next week. Regards

Very professional

5 5 1
I just want to say Thank You for the professional treatment I experienced in the office. Would you please extend my sincerest gratification to Dr. Zivanovic as well as the other dentist who performed the scaling this morning.

Wonderful work

5 5 1
Dr Jankov, we are well and very pleased and happy that we made the decision to have it done. I will be smiling and showing off my new teeth to everyone in Torino and have already told my daughter we are going to have her consider contacting you to discuss some problems she is having.

Amazing experience

5 5 1
Very impressive service and quality of work. My new Serbian dentist for sure. My wife issues with her gums was treated with the best of care and her dentist was amazing explaining to her the care that was needed to keep her gums in good shape. We will be back, and will be passing on the good word.

Affordable and quality

5 5 1
They were very professional from the tine I entered the clinic throughout all of my procedures and made me feel like I was family. Dr. Jankov and Dr. Zivanovic and the whole staffs are a great team and the best at the profession. I had both upper and lower replacement, no pain and very little recovery time. The total cost of my surgery, plane trip, and hotel stay all together was still 50% less than what I would have paid for the same procedures back in the UK.


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Our Staff

dental focusUnder the supervision of Dr. Tatjana Jankov, a dental prosthetics specialist, the team is there to find the best solution for each individual. After completing her specialization, she became the youngest primarius in the profession. She is the author of numerous professional papers and studies; she started working in a well-known Belgrade dental clinic “Mažestik”, where she worked until 1995 when she founded her own private specialized clinic. From the beginning to the present she has been striving to give the private dental practice a new dimension by providing quality and professional service with a special approach to a patient of any age.


dental focusSurgical interventions are entrusted to the experienced Dr. Dusan Zivanovic, who is an oral surgery specialist for more than two and a half decades. He is one of the implantology pioneers in Serbia. He used to be a chief of the dental clinic “Mažestik”, a mentor for specialized studies in oral surgery and the presidency member in the oral surgeon's department of Serbia.


dental focusDr. Ivana Stamenic takes care about aesthetic prosthetics. She graduated from the faculty of Stomatology in Belgrade, in 2012. During her studies, she volunteered in the dental clinic Dental Focus, where she is now employed. After graduation, she attended a two-year education at the Clinic for dental prosthetics at Belgrade University. She completed numerous courses of using hyaluronic fillers, in Serbia and abroad. She strives to balance wishes and possibilities of patients and to provide the aesthetic and functional solution.


dental focusDr. Stefan Milic graduated from the faculty of Stomatology in Belgrade, in 2012. Right after graduation, he started working in Zemun hospital at the stomatology department. Since 2015, he has been employed in the dental clinic Dental Focus. For many years he has been working on clinical research in the field of endodontic and restoration dentistry. He completed many courses in these fields which confirm numerous certificates.


dental focusThe first contact you make with the Dental Focus clinic, you make it with a dental nurse Miljana Pantelic, who is a team member in the clinic since its founding. She answers your phone calls, wishes you welcome, schedules an appointment, assists the doctors and always saves a smile for you.


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For greater reconstructive works, accommodation is free.

WhatClinicSerbia Apartment

WhatClinicSerbia Apartment is a brand new modern and tastefully decorated accommodation in the Generala Horvatovica Str, No. 15, next to the well known Gospodara Vucica Str. This apartment provide our company free of charge for our patients who are performing greater procedures, also we provide free parking and transfer from the airport for all our guests. Many clinics that are part of our company are located near this apartment.


Free transfer from airport to clinic/accommodation for all our patients.


Top Treatments

Dental Implants (Straumann)600€
Dental Implants (Bredent)550€
Dental Implants (C - Tech)400€
All on 4 Dental ImplantsContact Clinic
All on 6 Dental ImplantsContact Clinic
Zirconium Crowns 220€
Metal - Ceramic Crowns105€
Non - Metal Crowns on Implants220€
Metal - Ceramic Crowns on Implants180€
Ceramic Veneers220€
Teeth Whitening - per jaw140€


Address:Stevana Sremca 13, Belgrade, Serbia
Monday - Friday10:00 - 18:00h

Other Information

Free AccommodationFor greater dental procedures
Transfer from the AirportYes
For greater dental servicesWe offer special discounts
Years of Experience21
Our staff is at your disposal 24/7Yes
Available 24h for emergencyYes
LanguageEnglish, Serbian
Sightseeing of the cityYes
Local number, so we can always be in touchYes
Distance From the Airport18km

Payment Options

Wire TransferYes


Fillings 1 year
Dentures5 years
Crowns10 years