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Dental Office Dr BEDE


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 Why us?

Dr Bede dental office has a 75 year old working tradition, spreading over three generations of dentists in the family.

The clinic is managed by doctor Petar Bede and his daughter doctor Eleonora Bede, in cooperation with a team of experts and technicians.

Every patient is treated individually, and a detailed plan of therapy is made for each case individually.

Patient treatment has been elevated to the highest standards, thanks to the integration of modern technology and new discoveries in stomatology.

Clinic Dr Bede is located not far from the city center, in a peaceful surrounding of Novi Sad.


E-mail communication via button CONTACT CLINIC is the easiest way of contacting our team. In the e-mail you are supposed to describe your problem, your wishes, plans and ask any questions there might be. Within the e-mail there has to be a digital dental x-ray (ortopan) of both jaws so we can have a better insight of your bone structure and teeth. After a detailed analysis our team will determine the process of treatment and present you with all options (if there are more than one). You will be acquainted with the whole procedure, such as what interventions are going to be needed, the duration, how many times you will have to come and of course the approximate price of your treatment. In the case that two visits are required, you will pay only the price of the first visit interventions, while the rest is paid after the work is finished.

When we come to an agreement, the date of your arrival is completely up to you. We will try to make your stay enjoyable and dental interventions completely painless!

For foreign citizens that have health insurance which covers dental procedures we give receipts of our services that allow our patients to get a refund. Also, we issue medical reports that justify your absence from work.

We are the only dental clinic in Serbia certified by the German manufacturer Erkodent ( for making anti-snoring appliances and sports mouthguard for athletes.

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Treatments and Prices

View the medical prices of Dental Dental Office Dr Bede, in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Contact us free of charge for other treatments prices or if you have any other question.

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Dental ImplantsPricesDays for Procedure
Consultation & Check UpFREE/
Dental ImplantsFrom 500€2 - 7
Prosthetic on Implants250€2 - 7
Crowns/VeneersPricesDays for Procedure
Metal - Ceramic Crowns€1005 - 7
Zirconium Crowns200€5 - 7
Ceramic VeneersFrom 150€7
Composite Veneers50€1 - 2
Dentures/BracesPricesDays for Procedure
DenturesFrom 300€4 - 5
Dental Bridges100€4 - 5
Esthetic orthodontic appliances1800€/
Fixed Orthodontic Appliance1200€/
Removable active orthodontic appliances300€/
Foil teeth straighteningSend Enquiry1
Cleaning, Whitening, Extractions & FillingsPricesDays for Procedure
Home BleachingSend Enquiry1
Laser Teeht Whitening (full preparation)200€1
Composite Fillings30€1
Porcelain FillingsSend Enquiry1
Inlay/OnlayFrom 150€/
Surgical Tooth ExtractionSend Enquiry/
Wisdom Tooth ExtractionSend Enquiry/
Tooth ExtractionSend Enquiry1
Silensor (for snooring and sleep apnea)t200€1
Playsafe mouthguard50€1
Sinus LiftSend Enquiry1

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5 5 1
Recommended for their quiality, seriousness, commitment and also patient care.

Very satisfied

5 5 1
I have never visit a better dentist and I am very satisfied! Regards from Sweden .

Excellent experience

5 5 1
For the excellence in all the services, they have anesthesia without the use of a needle and now I lost the fear of the dentist thanks to all the staff.

Highly recommended

5 5 1
Feels good to be able to smile & not feel embarrassed! Forever grateful to Dr.Bede and her excellent team for my new beautiful teeth. I will definately recommend this place.

Facilities are clean and modern.

5 5 1
Everything was very very good. The receptionists were polite and helpful, The dentist as usual was professional and went the extra mile. The facilities are clean and modern. It really is a pleasure visiting the dentist rooms and yes, We will be back again for a visit next vacation.


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Our Staff

Dr Petar Bede

Doctor of Dental Medicine

Dr Petar Bede, Doctor of Dental Medicine, graduated from Faculty of Stomatology in Rijeka.

Continually improving in the field of esthetic stomatology, prosthodontics and root canal treatment (endodontics), Dr Bede follows the modern trends in dentistry by attending dental courses abroad as well in Serbia.

Individually approaching every patient and their problem, who gladly return to Dr Bede dental office due to his long-term experience and results.


Dr Eleonora Bede

Doctor of Dental Medicine

Dr Eleonora Bede, Doctor of Dental Medicine, graduated from Medical Faculty in Novi Sad, Department of Dentistry.

The teamwork of the doctor and her father Dr. Petar Bede results in satisfied patients and successful treatment.

Steadily perfecting her knowledge, precision, quality of service and pleasant treatment of patients are the advantages of Dr. Eleonora Bede.


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For greater reconstructive works, accommodation is free.


Free transfer from airport to clinic/accommodation for all our patients.

Novi Sad

Top Treatments

Dental Implants500€
Prosthetic on Implants 250€
Zirconium Crowns200€
Metal - Ceramics Crowns100€
Ceramic VeneersFrom 150€
Inlay and onlayFrom 150€
Teeth Whitening200€
Foil teeth straighteningFrom 100€


Address: Nikole Tesle 20, 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia
Monday - Friday09:00 - 13:00h /16:00 - 20:00h

Other Information

Free Accommodation For greater reconstructive works
Free Transfer from the AirportYes
Years of Experience75
Online ConsultationsYes
X-ray in the officeYes
24h callsYes
Park next to clinicsYes
Tour GuideYes
LanguageEnglish, Serbian
Distance from Airport80km

Payment Options

Wire TransferYes