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Dental Office Dr Vranic

A patient is at first place!

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Why us?

In the pleasant atmosphere, in the heart of the old part of Belgrade, you will be kindly welcomed by your doctor Nemanja Vranic and receive respectful help with a diagnosis, therapy plan and further treatment of your teeth.

My philosophy is to set a diagnosis well and then suggest a few solutions and help you with the further therapy.


E-mail communication via button CONTACT CLINIC is the easiest way of contacting our team. In the e-mail you are supposed to describe your problem, your wishes, plans and ask any questions there might be. Within the e-mail there has to be a digital dental x-ray (ortopan) of both jaws so we can have a better insight of your bone structure and teeth. After a detailed analysis our team will determine the process of treatment and present you with all options (if there are more than one). You will be acquainted with the whole procedure, such as what interventions are going to be needed, the duration, how many times you will have to come and of course the approximate price of your treatment. In the case that two visits are required, you will pay only the price of the first visit interventions, while the rest is paid after the work is finished.

When we come to an agreement, the date of your arrival is completely up to you. We will try to make your stay enjoyable and dental interventions completely painless!

For foreign citizens that have health insurance which covers dental procedures we give receipts of our services that allow our patients to get a refund. Also, we issue medical reports that justify your absence from work.

A patient is at first place, and treating him properly as a person, client, because only in that way he/she can reach his/her aim, and that is their satisfied smile.

I create symbiosis between a doctor and a patient, where at any moment a patient is informed about current part of a therapy, as well as about possibilities of changing some previously planned details.

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Treatments and Prices

View the medical prices of Dental Office Dr Vranic, in Belgrade, Serbia.

Contact us free of charge for other treatments prices or if you have any other question.

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Dental ImplantsPricesDays for Procedure
Consultation & Check UpFREE/
Dental Implants (AlphaBio)Contact Clinic2 - 3
Dental Implants (Straumann)Contact Clinic2 - 3
Dental Implants (Nobel Biocare)Contact Clinic2 - 3
All on 4 Dental ImplantsContact Clinic2 - 3
All on 6 Dental ImplantsContact Clinic2 - 3
Sinus LiftContact Clinic1
Crowns/VeneersPricesDays for Procedure
Metal - Ceramic Crowns90€5 - 7
Zirconia CrownsContact Clinic5 - 7
Metal - Ceramic Crown on ImplantContact Clinic5 - 7
Zirconia Crowns on ImplantsContact Clinic5 - 7
Ceramic VeneersContact Clinic4 - 7
Composite VeneersContact Clinic1
Dentures/BracesPricesDays for Procedure
Wisil Total Dentures300€4 - 5
Partial Dentures250€4 - 5
Total Dentures250€4 - 5
Mobile Dentures300€4 - 5
Foil Teeth StraighteningContact Clinic1
Cleaning, Whitening, Extractions & FillingsPricesDays for Procedure
Home BleachingContact Clinic1
Teeth Whitening Upper/Lower200€1
Composite Fillings25€1
Porcelain FillingsContact Clinic1
Ceramic InlayContact Clinic/
Surgical Tooth ExtractionContact Clinic/
Complicated Tooth Extraction25€/
Tooth Extraction20€1
Endodontic Tooth Treatment25€1
ApicoectomyContact Clinic1

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Professional and affordable

5 5 1
The staff here makes me feel safe and you can tell they are qualified professionals, thank you Dental Office Dr Vranic staff!

Very pleased

5 5 1
Very pleased.I will recommend my friend in Australia to come here.Professional , quality service.I am so happy with my smile. Thank you.

6 wisdom teeth out

5 5 1
Couldn't ask for better. I have a major fear of dentists and they done everything they could to make me feel better about the whole thing and having 6 wisdom teeth out that's not easy. Would recommend them to everyone.

Very satisfied

5 5 1
Very satisfied by the dental treatment I had done and also the excellent care by the staff.

World class

5 5 1
I am an American that has lived in Austria for the past 16 years and have lived/traveled the world extensively. I have visited many dentists in my many years and have found that my experiences with Dental Office Dr Vranic to be World First Class. I will highly recommend this dental clinic to any and all that may inquire and I personally will be seeking out Dr Nemanja for all of my future dental needs.


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Our Staff

The owner of the general dental clinic ‘’Dr Vranic’’ and your Dr Nemanja Vranic was born in Belgrade, in 1980. He successfully finished primary school ‘’Skadarlija’’in 1996 when he enrolled dental technical school. In 1999 he enrolled the Faculty of Dental Medicine at the University in Belgrade, which he successfully graduated from.

Basic knowledge from the field of stomatology he acquired during studies and later improvement he acquired during his internship at the Faculty of Dental Medicine. During his internship, he also volunteered in one distinguished private clinic in Belgrade where he got an adequate training for the individual work. After two years of private practice, Dr Nemanja Vranic opened his own clinic. With the knowledge he possesses and his experience, he will solve any dental issue you have.

Dr Vranic is a regular visitor of professional conferences and stomatology symposiums. He possesses numerous certificates in the field of surgery, prosthetics and parodontology which gives him an even more professional education.

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For greater reconstructive works, accommodation is free.

Lazar Lux Apartments

Lazar Lux newly built luxury apartments are situated in the city center at Stjepana Ljubise Street 31 in one of the most exclusive buildings of this type and purpose. Only 1 km from our apartments, you can find Knez Mihailova Street – a pedestrian zone with exclusive shops, the old Kalemegdan Fortress and famous bohemian quarter of Belgrade – Skadarlija. We provide free parking and transfer from the airport for all our guests.


Free transfer from airport to clinic/accommodation for all our patients.


Top Treatments

Dental Implants (Alpha Bio)500€
Dental Implants (Straumann)Contact Clinic
All on 4 Dental ImplantsContact Clinic
All on 6 Dental ImplantsContact Clinic
Metal - Ceramic Crowns90€
Full Ceramic CrownsFrom 200€
Teeth Whitening200€
Ceramic VeneersContact Clinic


Address:Gundulicev Venac 3, 11000, Belgrade
Monday - Friday10.00 - 18.00

Other Information

Free Accommodation For greater reconstructive works
Free Transfer from the airportYes
Tour guideYes
Our staff is at your disposal 24/7Yes
Available 24 H for emergencyYes
LanguageEnglish, Serbian
Distance from Airport20 km

Payment Options

Wire TransferYes