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General Hospital ANA LIFE




Why us?

The team of experts!!! The fact that our doctors are experts in their fields, either in anomaly diagnostics during pregnancy and gynecology or the latest surgeries in plastic surgery, is proven by the high number of check-ups and interventions that we have done. One comes to Analife Hospital to gain an expert opinion!

Analife Hospital is the most modern building with the latest equipment and the highest rank team of experts in their fields!

With great pleasure we announce that General Hospital Analife has gained special Certificate of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia, thus becoming a participant in the Project of development and promotion of health tourism in the Republic of Serbia. Beside this certificate, Analife Hospital has other global certificates as well.

The certificates acquired from the country are an exceptional recommendation to patients – health tourists, guaranteeing quality and efficient medical service, and not just a cheap one. That is one of the first and very important steps in creating conditions for better usage of our potentials, promotion of our offer in the world and faster development of health tourism in Serbia.


Aesthetic surgery is a visual discipline. Most of requests can be processed properly by seeing a good taken photographs, whether it comes to breasts, nose or abdomen. This method is particularly suitable because the questions are asked in installments, as it appears that a final agreement is crystallized through text communication.

The easiest way of contacting our team is via button CONTACT CLINIC. In the e-mail you are supposed to describe your problem, your wishes, plans and ask any questions there might be. Within the e-mail there has to be a your photos. After a detailed analysis our team will determine the process of treatment and present you with all options (if there are more than one). You will be acquainted with the whole procedure, such as what interventions are going to be needed, the duration, days for recovery and of course the approximate price of your treatment.

When we come to an agreement, the date of your arrival is completely up to you. We will try to make your stay enjoyable and aesthetic procedures completely painless!

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Treatments and Prices

View the medical prices of plastic surgery treatments - General Hospital ANALIFE, in Belgrade, Serbia.

Contact us free of charge for other treatments prices or if you have any other question.

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FacePricesDays for Recovery
Face and Neck Lift / Macs Lift3000 - 4500€5 - 7
Brow Lift1300 - 1900€3 - 7
Neck Lift1500 - 1900€5 - 7
Mini Face Lift2500 - 3000€5 - 7
Lip Augmentation (fat injection, lipofilling)350 - 950€1
Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)650 - 950€1 - 3
Nose surgery (Rhinoplasty)1950 - 2750€7 - 8
Septorhinoplasty2500 - 3500€7 - 8
Botox300 - 500€1
Removal Buccal fat pad1800 - 2100€3 - 7
PRP treatment of the hair / face (3 treatments)850 - 1000€1
Surgery of Upper and Lower eyelids - Blepharoplasty700 - 800€3 - 7
Silhouette Niti 1 piece (pair)600€1
PRP Treatment - 1 treatment450€1
BreastPricesDays for Recovery
Breast Augmentation - Breast Implants2450 - 3500€5 - 7
Breast Enlargement using own Fat (lipofilling)2000 - 2400€2 - 4
Breast Reduction3000 - 4750€7 - 10
Breast Lift / Mastopexy2600 - 3750€7 - 10
Breast Lift with Implants3500 - 4500€7 - 10
Breast Implants Removal2600 - 3750€7 - 10
Implants Replacement2800 - 3200€7 - 10
Inverted Nipples 1800 - 2600€3 - 5
Gynaecomastia (Male Breast-reduction surgery)1700 - 2000€3 - 5
BodyPricesDays in Recovery
Body Lifting4000 - 6000€10 - 14
Fat (lipofiling)700 - 2000€10
Tummy tuck / Abdominoplasty2500 - 4500€7 - 10
Laser liposuction of the whole legs2500 - 3000€3 - 7
Laser liposuction of the ouside of the thigh1800 - 2100€3 - 7
Laser liposuction on the inside of the thigh1400 - 1800€3 - 7
Laser liposuction of the banana folds1600 - 1900€3 - 7
Laser liposuction of the knee1400 - 1900€3 - 7
Laser liposuction of the neck1200 - 1600€3 - 7
Laser liposuction of the stomach1900 - 2900€3 - 7
Laser belt liposuction1900 - 3000€3 - 7
Laser liposuction of the back1200 - 1500€3 - 7
Laser liposuction of the lumbar region1500 - 1900€3 - 7
Laser liposuction of the arms1800 - 2800€3 - 7
Enlargement and Shaping of Buttocks and Hips ( Fat graft)2800 - 3500€3 - 5
Calf Augmentation with Fat Tissue1800 - 2800€3 - 5
Arm Lift Surgery - Brachioplasty2800 - 3800€7 - 10
Thigh Lift Surgery2800 - 3800€7 - 10
Vaginal Repair (Vaginoplasty)950 - 1200€1 - 3
Himenoplasty600 - 700€1 - 3
Dipriten's Contracts1200 - 1500€3 - 5
Carpal Tunnel950 - 1200€3 - 5

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Ihre Überprüfung wird anderen helfen, bessere Entscheidungen über ihre Behandlung zu treffen.

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5 5 1
I have beautiful breast. Thank you dr Arsic

Breast augmentation

5 5 1
The best clinic.

Breast Lift with Implants

5 5 1
I'm feeling much more confident now and that's all because you have done such a great job. Thank you


5 5 1
I am very happy how my operation went. I will recommend you to my friends and family

Laser liposuction of the whole legs

5 5 1
Doctor explained everything what is he going to do very well. Everything went perfect!
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Our Staff

Dr Velisa Arsic, specialist in aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery

Born 25.05.1967. in Pozarevac.

He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade;

He specialized in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery in Belgrade. He completed his advanced aesthetic surgery in Austria.

Member of SRBPRAS (Serbian Association for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery);

Member of ISAPS (International Association of Aesthetic Surgeons);

Member of IPRAS (International Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons);

Member of ESPRAS (European Association for Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery)

Member of BAPRAS (Balkan Association for Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery).

With numerous courses and certificates in the domain of aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery.


Dr Ana Miholjcic, director of General Hospital AnaLife

By profession a doctor of medicine, according to the function of the hospital director AnaLife.

- 2005 to 2011. from the clinic to the General Hospital AnaLife
- 2011 - Director of General Hospital AnaLife

When there are doctors and staff like the ones General Hospital Ana Life has, it is not difficult to be a director. Her mission and vision is ’’my hospital – AnaLife hospital’’

How to gain that? It is very easy.

’’ Treat your patient like he/she is a dear guest of yours who needs your help. If you cannot help him/her, tell him/her who can. Do not get angry at those who are not well-mannered, there are always those of that kind. Do not come down to their level, they will beat you by their experience’’.


Dr. Sci. Med. Vojislav Zivanic

Nurse - Milica


Nurse - Maja Bogicevic 

Nurse - Dusanka

Nurse - Milica


Nurse - Aleksandra 


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For greater aesthetic procedures, accommodation is free.

WhatClinicSerbia Apartment

WhatClinicSerbia Apartment is a brand new modern and tastefully decorated accommodation in the Generala Horvatovica Str, No. 15, next to the well known Gospodara Vucica Str. This apartment provide our company free of charge for our patients who are performing greater procedures, also we provide free parking and transfer from the airport for all our guests. Many clinics that are part of our company are located near this apartment.


Free transfer from airport to clinic/accommodation for all our patients.

Belgrade - Zemun

Top Treatments

Face and Neck Lift / Macs Lift3000 - 4500€
Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)1900 - 2750€
Otoplasty (Ear Surgery)650 - 950€
Breast Augmentation (Implants)2450 - 3500€
Breast Enlargement (Own Fat)2000 - 2400€
Breast Reduction3000 - 4750€
Gynaecomastia1700 - 2000€
Tummy Tuck / Abdominoplasty2500 - 4500€
Body Lifting4000 - 6000€
Laser Liposuction1200 - 3000€
Buttocks Augmentation 2800 - 3500€


Address:Skadarska 5, Zemun - Belgrade, Serbia
Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 20:00h
Saturday:09:00 - 15:00h

Other Information

Free AccommodationFor greater aesthetic procedures
Free Transfer from the AirportYes
Our staff is at your disposal 24/7Yes
Available 24h for emergencyYes
LanguageEnglish, Serbian
Sightseeing of the cityYes
Local number, so we can always be in touchYes
Private bathroomYes
Distance From Airport12km

Payment Options

Bank TransferYes