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WhatClinicSerbia.com will process your advertising (set a profile of your clinic on the site) in the shortest possible term. Not later than 48 hours from the day of signing the contract, except if it is not specified otherwise in the contract. Your advertising lasts exclusively in the period specified in the contract. A clinic could have only one account (username and password) in order to use every necessary access and privileges of the site.

Maintenance the profile of clinic on a commission from services reserved through WhatClinicSerbia.com

This way the maintenance the profile of includes free the profile of positioning of your clinic, and after consultation with you, our agency reserves the agreed percentage only of the services booked through our website. The agreed fee is paid out the agency WCS.com within 5 days of paid services from the client in dinars at the average exchange rate of the National Bank of Serbia

For any details about your profil on WhatClinicSerbia.com, please contact us at +381 (0)60 70 32 481 +381 (0)65 38 62 528 +381 (0)61 613 47 41 or via e-mail:  office@whatclinicserbia.com.

Contract Renewal

WhatClinicSerbia.com notifies its clients about contract expiry (7 days before an expiry date) and offers an opportunity to continue cooperation on conditions actual in the moment of signing the new contract. Upon termination of your current contract, there is no automatic renewal and your contract terminates then.

Unpaid obligations

Unless a valid payment method is provided within the specified deadline (the agreed fee is paid out the agency WCS.com within 5 days of paid services from the client in dinars at the average exchange rate of the National Bank of Serbia) your contract is cancelled automatically.

You will be responsible for all the expenses that we claim in connection to the collection of an unpaid amount (debt) including court costs, attorney fees, collection agency fees as well as any other expenses related therewith.

Third parties

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Cancellation and subscription refund

You can cancel your contract at any time by calling these numbers +381 (0)60 70 32 481 +381 (0)65 38 62 528 or via e-mail: office@whatclinicserbia.com.

Cancellation terms may differ and depend on terms specified in the Contract.

Content or access changes

We reserve all rights to make content changes on our site at any time. If we temporarily reduce or change the content of the your clinic profile, it is for the purpose of improvement of the site operation and improvement of promotion of your clinic’s profile.

Cancellation from our side

We reserve all rights to suspend or terminate profil of your clinic for any reason, whereof you will be timely notified (7 days before clinic profile cancellation). If there are technical issues in the site operation longer than 24 hours, you will not be charged the positioning period on the site during failure (this does not apply to technical issues that are not in our power – telecommunication issues).

Content policy

Signing the contract and starting advertising on our site WhatClinicSerbia.com you accept and agree that we are allowed to publish data from your official site as well as data you provide us personally. WhatClinicSerbia.com reserves all rights to remove any data or information if it considers they may cause certain responsibility or issue for the site.

Comment policy for clinics and the site users:

  • A comment must not be offensive
  • A comment must be friendly (no profanity)
  • Personal offenses not allowed
  • Reports on criminal activities not allowed
  • Disclosing business information of any kind not allowed
  • A comment not relevant for the third party
  • A comment can be discarded in case we cannot contact you via phone or e-mail


Age and responsibility

Bear in mind that the site is available and can only be used by individuals who have legal right to form those types of contracts based on laws in a country they live in. If you are younger than eighteen years old, you should not access or use this web site or internet content on it. By accessing and using this web site, you guarantee that you are older than eighteen years old.

Important notification

WhatClinicSerbia.com does not include providing any kind of health services, protection, medical counseling or diagnosis. Any kind of information on the site serves exclusively as a guide and should not be interpreted as any type of medical advice. The site serves for providing information about providers/ clinics that gather various doctors. If you decide to hire clinics for providing services, you do it at your own risk. In that case, it should be emphasized that some clinics or service providers that are positioned on this site do not have, under their authority, insurance for certain services that they offer. We suggest you to search every clinic before hiring or counsel your primary doctor. Be aware that searching clinics on our site and their ranking, you should not understand as approval and recommendation for those clinics by WhatClinicSerbia.com.

Services that we do not provide

WhatClinicSerbia.com is not a medical and health service institution. We are not medical workers, thus we are not to discuss with our clients any inquires related to medical treatments that the clinics on our site offer. We do not guarantee authenticity, quality, safety or legal matters of any clinic or medical service that are positioned on our site.

Services that we provide

WhatClinicSerbia.com is the site for users who wish to access medical services and clinics that are located all around Serbia. WhatClinicSerbia.com makes the relation between a clinic and a patient easier by using this site. Our site is not a medical service provider and it is not responsible for doing and providing the above mentioned.

WhatClinicSerbia.com collects and provides information from various clinics all around Serbia, about their facilities, services, sites that are available to publicity. You can access all these information by using our site. These types of information should help you choose a clinic and a service you need. If you choose a clinic to provide you services, we are here to facilitate and accelerate the contact between you and a clinic.

You might only wish to see what the site offers. If that is the case, then only some of the regulations from this page TERMS OF USE are applied to your usage of the web site WhatClinicSerbia.com and other regulations are not relevant.

Service and treatment prices

Service and treatment prices of the clinics on the site are informative and liable to changes. We recommend checking the official prices in our booking system or contacting a clinic directly.

Copyright Notice

Information, content, graphic arts, texts, images, logo, service marks, business names, design, design rights (either you are our subscribed or non-subscribed users) positioned on this site, are protected by copyrights, hallmark, database rights and other national laws on intellectual property. WhatClinicSerbia.com reserves all rights, ownership rights, interest and intellectual property rights. WhatClinicSerbia.com does not have any right over hallmark of the third parties.

Any type of content use on this site, including any form of copy or reproduction, change, distribution, posting, re-publishing, re-using without prior approval by WhatClinicSerbia.com is banned and constitutes a violation of property rights of the site WhatClinicSerbia.com owned by the marketing agency WCS.com.

Terms of use changes

WhatClinicSerbia.com reserves the right to change general Terms of Use at any moment without any obligation to notify its users. Using this site, you agree with its Terms of Use. The language used in case of any kind of proceedings or disputes is Serbian language.

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